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我想要做的事情 The Things I want to do2018-04-12
As a child, I want to do a lot of things. The first thing I want to do is to taste all kinds of food.
世界上最美的女人 The Most Beautiful Woman In the World2018-04-11
In the story of Snow White, the bad queen always wants to kill this girl, so as to keep herself being the most beautiful woman in the world.
不同的口味 Different Flavor2018-04-11
As I live in the south of China, I like to eat food with sweet flavor. Someday, there comes the new people who live next to my house.
是谁决定了未来 Who Decides the Future2018-04-10
As a child, I get used to do what my mother tells me. I will get lost if my mother doesnt give me the task.
植树节 Trees Planting Day2018-04-10
Every year, on March 12th, our school will have the special activity. We need to plant trees in the campus. We are so excited to see trees growing every day.
妈妈的爱 Mother's Love2018-04-09
As a child, I always complain about my mother, because she talks too much and wont satisfy me all the time.
谁偷走了你的梦想 Who Steal Your Dream2018-04-09
A person is easy to feel down when he meets difficulty. The dream he chased seems to be stolen, because it is so hard to realize.
嫉妒之心 A Jealous Heart2018-04-08
Once in a story, there are two old ladies and they are sisters. One day, the elder sister gets the magic and makes herself become young and beautiful.
如果地球上没有水 If There Is No Water On Earth2018-04-08
Teachers always ask us to save as much water as possible, but most students just forget it quickly.
坚强的人 The Strong Person2018-04-07
We are told some inspiring stories in the class, but when I really see the person around me, I feel the great power.
关于爱 About Love2018-04-07
Recently, I saw an interesting commercial ad. The celebrities asked people the question what would you do for love. I thought of this question for a while and my parents lingered on my mind.
人民的守护者 The Guards of People2018-04-06
Policemen protect the publics live all the time. When there is danger, they will be the first one to come to solve the problem.
一个创造历史的男孩 A Boy Makes History2018-04-06
When most kids go to school and study the knowledge, few special kids have made their history. A small boy from America wins the international contest by defeating adult competitors.
我的家乡 My Hometown2018-04-05
I live in my hometown for many years before I move to the city. I miss the days when I stay in the countryside. I can see the blue sky and the green trees all the time.
第一场雪 The First Snow2018-04-05
I was born in the southern area, so I have never seen snow in the winter in my life. This year, I was so excited to take a visit to my uncles family.
我一定要完成作业 I Must Finish My Homework2018-02-26
Every time when the holiday comes, I will be very excited and forget about all the things.
后街男孩 Backstreet Boys2018-02-25
When I was very small, my favorite band was backstreet boys. At that time, every girl was so crazy about them. They not only sang well, but also danced so well.
新年愿望 The New Year's Wish2018-02-25
As the new year is coming soon, I am so excited to look forward to the next year.
每个人都有天赋 Everybody Has a Gift2018-02-24
Every parent wants their children to learn as many skills as possible, so that they can be equipped with skills and win over other kids.
美好的早晨 The Beautiful Morning2018-02-24
Today is Sunday. Early in the morning, I get up and then go out of the house with my grandma. She walks to the square and then dances with her partner.
我的幸运日 My Lucky Day2018-02-20
Today, when I am going shopping with my friends, we decide to buy the product that is on sale. If we are lucky, we can gain the prize.
年轻有才的人 The Young Talents2018-02-20
Everytime I see the news about the young people make great achievement and win the worlds attention, I feel so envious and wonder about how they make it.
我的诺言 My Promise2018-02-20
Early in the morning, my mother asks me if I can clean the floor, as she has to go out for a day. I say yes and then play computer games.
完美的父母 The Perfect Parents2018-02-20
Almost in every childs eyes, their parents are not perfect, because they wont give them whatever they want, or sometimes they will have argument.
丢失的雨伞 The Losing Umbrella2018-02-20
Last week, I lost my umbrella when I got off the bus. I felt so sorry for being so careless.
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