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2006年,英国广播公司BBC推出了一套恢宏壮丽的自然史诗纪录片《我们的地球/行星地球/地球无限》(Planet Earth),整套影片分《南极到北极》、《山脉》、《洞穴》、《淡水》、《大草原》、《丛林》、《沙漠》、《冰雪世界》、《季节性森林》、《浅海》、《深海》全景展现了地球波澜壮阔、奇妙美丽的自然生命图景。
lt slips from his grasp. lts only when bears are on the verge of starvation that theyll risk attacking such dangerous prey. This one took the gamble...and lost. The walrus are calm again. The bear is no longer a threat. Unable to feed, he cant survive. As the global climate continues to warm,
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第9集:冰原中的光芒2016-04-03
These whales, and most of the life in Antarctica, ultimately depend on krill. Without it, the far south would be almost deserted. but krill depend on ice and ice is in decline. Winter in Antarctica and the greatest seasonal change on our planet is underway. The sun begins to retreat. Soon the continent will be plunged back
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第8集:蜉蝣2016-04-02
At last, after their 4,000-mile journey, the humpback whales can feed. They harvest krill, shrimps... that begin to swarm here as soon as the ice retreats. Now, at last, the mother can replenish her reserves as she and her calf join the rest of the team. The whales create a spiralling net of bubbles, concentrating the krill
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第7集:鲸鱼觅食2016-04-02
This calf is no more than a few weeks old and as he begins to tire, his mother supports him close to the surface, so that he can breathe. These shallow equatorial waters make good nurseries - theyre warm and calm and there are few predators. The playful calf is now drinking 600 litres of milk a day, but its mother is starving.
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第6集:烈风2016-04-01
Most winds from the Indian oceans... sweep north towards the Himalayas. As the air rises, so it cools and the water falls as snow. The scene is set for one of nature most challenging migrations. Each year, thousands of demoiselle cranes try to escape the harsh winters in Mongolia, by flying south to the warmer climes of lndia. To get there,
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第5集:极乐鸟2016-04-01
lts a virtuoso performance. Unfortunately, no-one was watching. This contender is called the superb bird of paradise. This magician has a special trick. First, he advertises his show, calling to attract a female. With the audience in place, the show can begin. She just has to ha
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第4集:鸳鸯2016-03-31
These are the forests that we know well. The broadleaf woodlands of Europe and North America. More than any other, these have been crowded out by towns and farmland. Only fragments remain. Summers are longer here... and deciduous trees can flourish. Theyre far more edible than conifers,
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第3集:雪地动物2016-03-31
March, and much of the north remains snow-bound. A thousand miles south of the bears, stunted conifers are still locked in ice. They mark the tree line of our planet... and the start of the Taiga Forest. This vast belt of trees forms an almost unbroken circle... around the north of the globe. lts one of the last great
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第2集:小熊的考验2016-03-30
Every year at this time, female bears need food desperately. They know they must get down to their hunting grounds on the ice. What they cant know, is theres a problem waiting for them there. A new problem. our planet is warming... and the sea ice is melting earlier every year. This is the only place the bears can hunt for seals.
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC纪录片《我们的地球》第1集:小行星撞地球2016-03-30
Of all the planets in our universe, there is only one we know can support life. just the right distance from its sun with a perfect climate. lts been called the lucky planet. About five billion years ago, a huge asteroid crashed into Earth... tilting it at an angle of exactly 23 and a half degrees to the sun. This cataclysmic accident turned out to be nothing