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该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册12012-07-18
[03:29.55]2.Listen, point and say.[03:41.70]Daming is eating rice. Hes using chopsticks.[04:24.46]4.Listen and say. Then say the poem.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册22012-07-18
[02:05.19]Please come and eat the cake now![02:08.11]Ahh. Its lovely.[02:13.07]Thank you, children.[02:15.24]2.Listen and say. Then sing.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册32012-07-17
[01:51.61]These are sams trousers. And those are amys shorts.[01:58.46]This is sams sweater. And that is amys shirt.[02:05.30]3.Listen and say. Then sing.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册42012-07-17
[01:28.50]But this bird cant fly.[01:31.74]This fish can swim.[01:35.39]But this fish cant swim.[01:38.45]3.Listen and say. Then sing.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册52012-07-16
[01:59.48]Yes, you can.[02:01.34]Oh on! The books. Im sorry![02:06.30]Dont worry! You can read all the books now.[02:09.78]Ha . ha .ha[02:14.30]3.Listen and say . then sing.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册62012-07-16
[02:09.62]This is wang fei. Hes got a pet dog.[02:15.78]And this is tingting. Shes got a pet cat.[02:21.66]3.Listen and say. Then chant.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册72012-07-15
[01:52.77]Has daming got a cold, too?[01:55.41]Sorry, Im late.[01:57.16]Ha…….[02:00.11]3.Listen and say. Then sing.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册82012-07-15
[02:35.56]There are three fat cats sitting on a mat.[02:41.12]Theyre all black, wearing big hats.[02:44.75]There is a cute monkey sitting on a tree.[02:49.01]Its very happy playing with me.
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册92012-07-14
[01:41.90]Look, thats my father. Hes a driver.[01:46.95]Im going to be a driver. What are you going to be, daming?[01:51.49]Im going to be a doctor.[01:54.26]Come and help, doctor!
该音频有LRC字幕 外研社新标准小学英语第五册102012-07-14
[01:52.86]Im going to go to the cinema.[01:55.21]What are you going to see?[01:57.98]Im going to see sun wukong.[02:01.22]3.Listen and say. Then sing.
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 12012-07-13
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 1
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 22012-07-12
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 2
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 32012-07-12
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 3
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 42012-07-11
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 4
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 52012-07-11
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 5
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 62012-07-10
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 6
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 72012-07-10
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 7
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 82012-07-09
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 8
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 92012-07-09
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 9
外研社新标准小学英语第六册Module 102012-07-08
新课标小学英语第六册(一年级起点外研版)Module 10
该音频有LRC字幕 新标准小学英语一年级起点第五册词汇 12012-07-07
[00:53.11]Hamburger[00:52.61]汉堡包[00:52.11]Chips[00:55.65]薯条[00:59.19]Fast food[01:03.56]快餐