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该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson A2015-08-10
[00:03.45]Lesson A [00:05.00]How Nice to See You Again! [00:07.77]Lets talk. [00:09.58]Good morning, Le Le. [00:11.29]Good morning, Rose. [00:12.98]How nice to see [00:13.44] you again! [00:14.99]Me, too. [00:16.12]Look! Here comes [00:18.80]our hea
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson B2015-08-10
[00:06.00]Lesson B [00:07.20]Greetings [00:08.82]Lets sing. [00:12.05]Greetings [00:29.03]Your right hand says, Good mor - ning. Good mor - ning to [00:34.89]you. Your right hand says, Good mor - ning. Good mor- [00:41.83]ning to you. [00:44.11]Your
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson C2015-08-09
[00:03.58]Lesson C [00:05.14]What Does It Mean? [00:07.31]Lets talk. [00:09.15]Hello! Im Mr Bright. Im from America. [00:13.18]Hello, sir! [00:15.04]Your name, please. [00:17.43]Im Li Le. Call me Le Le. [00:20.16]What does Le Le mean? [00:22.44]It
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson D2015-08-09
[00:04.69]Lesson D [00:06.10]Whats Her Name? [00:07.76]Lets talk. [00:09.42] Good morning, boys and girls. [00:12.07]Good morning, Mr Bright. [00:14.44]Whats your name, please? [00:16.16]My names Ting Ting. [00:18.08]Ting Ting, whats her name?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson E2015-08-08
[00:04.14]Lesson E [00:05.47]Learning English [00:07.16]Lets talk. [00:08.82]Boys and girls, do you know [00:10.58]how to learn English well? [00:12.45]Listen to English every day. [00:14.73]Speak English every day. [00:16.97]Very good!
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson F2015-08-08
[00:04.28]Lesson F [00:05.74]Whats He Like? [00:07.84]Lets talk. [00:10.00]Ting Ting, how [00:10.81] was school? [00:12.71]Not bad. We have a [00:14.14]new English teacher. [00:16.53]Whats he like? [00:18.54]He is handsome and friendly.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson G2015-08-07
[00:03.56]Lesson G [00:04.94]What a Wonderful View! [00:07.25]Lets chant. [00:11.29] 1. Listen and colour. 2. Make up your rhyme. [00:10.03]What a Wonderful View! [00:11.62] I see green trees, [00:13.52] I see red roses, too.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-07
[00:04.56]Self-assessment [00:06.31]Listen, guess and write. [00:09.07]1. What letter is an insect? [00:14.37]2. What letter can we drink? [00:19.59]3. What letter is a vegetable? [00:24.84]4. What letter looks like a ladder?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson H2015-08-06
[00:04.87]Lesson I [00:06.17]Planning for a Picnic [00:07.71]Lets talk. [00:10.18]The children are planning their picnic. [00:13.02]What food do they need? [00:14.87]We need some fruit [00:16.04] juice and coke. [00:17.53]We need some bread
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson I2015-08-06
[00:04.87]Lesson I [00:06.17]Planning for a Picnic [00:07.71]Lets talk. [00:10.18]The children are planning their picnic. [00:13.02]What food do they need? [00:14.87]We need some fruit [00:16.04] juice and coke. [00:17.53]We need some bread
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson J2015-08-05
[00:02.91]Lesson J [00:04.41]Saying Cheese [00:06.67]Lets talk. [00:09.04]This place is so great. [00:11.23]A wonderful view! [00:13.13]Lets take a [00:13.54]picture here. [00:15.05]What a good idea! [00:17.29]Excuse me, could
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson K2015-08-05
[00:04.47]Lesson K [00:05.80]Are you Tired? [00:07.74]Lets talk. [00:09.68]Are you tired? [00:11.25] Uh-huh. Im hungry, too. [00:13.89]What about you, Ting Ting? [00:15.66]Im thirsty. [00:17.41]Me, too. [00:19.06]Lets sit down and
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson L2015-08-04
[00:03.24]Lesson L [00:04.56] Whats your Favourite Season? [00:06.82]Rose, whats your [00:10.50]favourite season? [00:12.03]I like spring. [00:12.41]Why? [00:15.38]Because I can fly a kite. [00:17.67]What about you? [00:19.82]I like autumn because
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson M2015-08-04
[00:03.68]Lesson M [00:05.68]What Do You Like? [00:07.73]Lets talk. [00:09.08] Le Le, do you [00:10.08]like hamburgers? [00:11.76] Yes, I do. [00:12.82]Theyre yummy. [00:14.36]No, I dont like hamburgers. [00:17.57] Then what do you like, Rose?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Lesson N2015-08-03
[00:03.62]Lesson N [00:05.60]What Are Those? [00:06.97]Lets talk. [00:08.96]Hey, look! What are those? [00:11.15]They are bees. [00:12.89]Wow, so many bees! [00:14.91]How many bees can you see? [00:17.77]I dont know. [00:19.44]Let me count.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-03
[00:04.47]Self-assessment [00:06.41]Listen, circle and say. [00:08.69] [00:55.09]Lets act. [00:55.42]The Boy Who Cried Wolf [00:57.44]This boy is a shepherd. One day . . . [01:00.32]Hmm, Im feeling bored. [01:01.91]Some farmers are over there.
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 12015-08-02
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 22015-08-02
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 32015-08-01
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 42015-08-01
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 52015-07-31
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 62015-07-31
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 72015-07-30
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 82015-07-30
新路径英语四年级上册(一起) Wordbook 92015-07-29