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该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson O This is my friend这位是我的朋友2015-08-22
[00:01.85]Lesson O This is my friend这位是我的朋友 [00:05.97]Lets talk. 说一说. [00:08.26]Hi, Ting Ting!嗨, 婷婷! [00:09.75]How nice to see you!很高兴见到你们! [00:11.47]Nice to see you, too. 见到你们我也很高兴.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson P That's My Puppy那是我的小狗2015-08-22
[00:01.33]Lesson P Thats My Puppy那是我的小狗 [00:04.87]Lets talk. 说一说 [00:06.46]Summer, please wait. 萨摩, 请等一等. [00:08.80]Whats up? 什么事? [00:10.05]Whats in your schoolbag? 你的书包里有什么?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson Q On the Farm在农场2015-08-21
[00:01.27]Lesson Q On the Farm在农场 [00:04.62]Lets sing. 唱一唱. [00:06.36]This is a farm. 这是一个农场. [00:08.14]Many animals live on the farm. 农场里有许多动物. [00:11.08]Old Macdonald Had a Farm [00:20.89]. . . .
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson R Your and My你的和我的2015-08-21
[00:01.64]Lesson R Your and My你的和我的 [00:05.32]Lets talk. 说一说 [00:06.78]Boys and girls, 孩子们, [00:08.28]lets play a new game. 我们来玩个游戏. [00:10.59]What game? 什么游戏? [00:12.60]Your and My. 你的和我的.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson S PE Class体育课2015-08-20
[00:01.37]Lesson S PE Class体育课 [00:04.96]Lets talk. [00:06.50]Line up!排队! [00:08.18]Attention!立正! [00:09.49]Eyes right!向右看! [00:10.98]Eyes front!向前看! [00:12.47]At ease!稍息! [00:14.00]Count off!报数!
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson T Good Manners有礼貌2015-08-20
[00:01.53]Lesson T Good Manners有礼貌 [00:04.92]Lets talk. [00:06.57]May I come in? 我可以进来吗? [00:08.02]Come in, please. 请进. [00:09.75]After you. 你先请. [00:12.23]Sit down, please. 请坐. [00:13.95]Thanks. 谢谢.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Self-assessment自我评定2015-08-19
[00:01.90]Self-assessment自我评定 [00:03.80]Listen and tick. [00:05.95]1. Have some chocolate. 吃巧克力. [00:08.76]Thank you. 谢谢. [00:09.68]You are welcome. 不客气. [00:11.14]2. This is your squirrel. 这是你的松鼠.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson U A Chick or Chicks?一只小鸡还是几只小鸡?2015-08-19
[00:01.54]Lesson U A Chick or Chicks? 一只小鸡还是几只小鸡? [00:05.41]Lets talk. [00:06.87]Oh, look!哦, 看! [00:08.34]Here is a chick. 这有只小鸡. [00:10.07]No, no, no. 不对, 不对, 不对. [00:11.76]Here are some chicks.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson V How Many Rabbits?有多少只免子?2015-08-18
[00:01.35]Lesson V How Many Rabbits? 有多少只免子? [00:04.53]Lets talk. [00:05.97]Boys and girls, 孩子们, [00:07.76]how many rabbits? 有多少只兔子? [00:09.61]One, two, three, four, 一, 二, 三, 四, [00:14.12]five, six, seven, eight. 五, 六, 七, 八
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson W It's Raining Hard雨下得很大2015-08-18
[00:02.20]Lesson W Its Raining Hard雨下得很大. [00:05.60]Lets talk. [00:07.11]Hows the weather, Rose? 天气怎么要, 罗斯? [00:09.21]Its raining cats and dogs. 下倾盆大雨. [00:11.78]What? 什么? [00:13.15]Its raining cats and dogs?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson X Can you fly?你会飞吗?2015-08-17
[00:01.67]Lesson X Can you fly? 你会飞吗? [00:05.20]Lets talk. [00:07.11]Can you fly? 你会飞吗? [00:08.50]Yes, I can. 是的, 我会. [00:10.67]Why? 为什么? [00:11.87]Because Im a bird. 因为我是只小鸟. [00:13.88]Can you fly? 你会飞吗?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson Y What can you do?你会做什么?2015-08-17
[00:01.43]Lesson Y What can you do? 你会做什么? [00:04.80]Lets talk. [00:06.42]Now please look at the picture. 现在请看图片. [00:08.74]Who can swim? 谁会游泳? [00:10.23]Rose and Summer can swim. 罗斯和萨摩会游泳.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Lesson Z In the Garden在花园里2015-08-16
[00:02.29]Lesson Z In the Garden在花园里 [00:05.25]Lets chant. [00:06.72]High and Low高和低 [00:08.61]The dragonfly is high. 蜻蜓高高飞. [00:10.90]It saysGoodbye!它说再见. [00:12.77]The butterfly is low. 蝴蝶低处飞.
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) Self-assessment自我评定2015-08-16
[00:02.43]Self-assessment自我评定 [00:04.18]Listen and tick. [00:06.09]1. Can you cook? 你会做饭吗? [00:09.14]No, I cant. 不, 我不会. [00:10.79]But I can drive. 但我会驾驶. [00:12.45]2. How many sheep? 有多少只绵羊?
该音频有LRC字幕 新路径英语二年级下册(一起) The Hare and the Tortoise野兔和乌龟2015-08-15
[00:00.71]Lets act. [00:02.28]The Hare and the Tortoise野兔和乌龟 [00:04.52]Im Mr Hare. 我是野兔先生. [00:05.93]Im very fast. 我跑得很快. [00:07.46]Today I want a race. 今天我想来场赛跑. [00:10.06]Hi, Mr Elephant!
新路径英语二年级下册(一起) WORDBOOK 12015-08-15
新路径英语二年级下册(一起) WORDBOOK 22015-08-14
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