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该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le012018-01-14
[00:00.10]PRIMARY SCHOOL ENGLISH[00:04.78]STUDENTS' BOOK 6[00:09.14]Lesson 1 At the greengrocer's[00:17.19]Listen and read[00:21.94]Tom:We are at the greengrocer's now. What do we want,Mum?[00:29.60]Mum:we want some vege
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le022018-01-14
[00:00.10]Lesson 2 I'm hungry[00:36.21]Listen and read[00:40.36]Snow White:Whose home is this?Oh,Wonderful![00:47.02]There is a lot of food on the table.[00:51.88]I'm hungry now.Beef!Oh no!I don't like beef,But I like ch
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le032018-01-13
[00:00.10]Lesson 3 What's for breakfast?[00:38.32]listen and read[00:42.76]-Mum what's for break-fast?[00:47.44]-We have milk,eggs and bread.[00:53.19]-wonderful![00:56.56]-Mum,I'm hungry.What's for lunch?[01:02.62]-Come
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le042018-01-13
[00:00.10]Lesson 4[00:34.51]Help yourselves,please![00:38.48]Listen and read[00:42.42]Linda:What's your favourite fruit,Grandma?[00:47.18]Grandma:I like bananas[00:50.83]Grandpa:I like dates.[00:54.39]Aunt:Do you like grap
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le052018-01-12
[00:00.10]Lesson 5 Let's go to McDonald's[00:37.90]Listen and read[00:41.74]Waitress:Hello!What can I do for you?[00:46.60]Mum:What would you like,dear?[00:50.13]Boy:I'd like a hambur-ger and an apple pie[00:56.08]Mum:OK
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le062018-01-12
[00:00.10]lesson 6 What food do you like?[00:37.49]Listen and read[00:41.33]-I'm from the north of China.I like noodles.[00:47.39]-I come from America.I often eat hamburgers.[00:55.04]-I'm from Japan.I like vegetables.[01
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le072018-01-11
[00:00.10]Lesson 7 In the restaurant[00:36.60]Listen and read[00:40.46]Sam:May I have the menu?[00:43.91]Waitress:Certainly.Here you are.[00:47.78]Sam:Thanks.Nancy,what would you like?[00:53.34]Nancy:I'd like some salad.[
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le082018-01-11
[00:00.10]Lesson 8 What do you need?[00:36.31]Listen and read[00:40.39]Maggie:What a big meal!Let's have our picnic.Billy,What would you like?[00:48.93]Billy:I'd like some sausages,and I need some ketchup.[00:55.69]Mike:B
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le092018-01-10
[00:00.10]Lesson 9 The doctor's advice[00:38.09]Listen and read[00:41.93]Jack is Mrs King's son he is thin and weak.[00:49.66]His mother,Mrs king,is worried.[00:55.51]The mother and son went to the doctor's.[01:01.57]The
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le102018-01-10
[00:00.10]Lesson 10[00:35.11]Would you like to go outside with me?[00:40.28]Listen and read[00:44.04]Today is Saturday.It's sunny and windy.Tom doesn't need to go to school.[00:54.31]He gets up early.He wants to go outside
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le112018-01-09
[00:00.10]Lesson 11 What's your hobby?[00:37.69]Listen and read[00:42.66]Han ping:What do you usually do after school?[00:47.62]Li Shan:Reading is my hobby,but sometimes I like going shopping with my mother.[00:55.98]How
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le122018-01-09
[00:00.10]Lesson 12 A sports meeting[00:37.80]Listen and read[00:41.85]This is our playground.Today is our sports day.Look!The games have begun.[00:52.58]Pupil A:Look!The relay race has begun.Guess,which class
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le132018-01-08
[00:00.10]Lesson 13[00:35.89]How often do you go hiking?[00:41.35]Listen and look[00:46.08]Mr Green:Hi,boys and girls.Tomorrow is Saturday.Let's go hiking.[00:55.04]Boys and girls:Wonderful![00:59.12]Mr Green:Mike,would yo
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第六册附字幕:6_le142018-01-08
[00:00.10]Lesson 14 Have a good habit![00:21.81]Listen and read[00:26.07]Mum:Linda.what are you doing?[00:30.43]Linda:I'm reading,Mum.[00:33.91]Mum:Oh,you shouldn't read in bed.It's bad for your eyes.[00:41.27]Linda:Mum,