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该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le012017-12-27
[00:00.10]PRIMARY SCHOOL ENGLISH STUDENTS' BOOK 4[00:29.99]Lesson One What time is it?[00:37.25]Listen and read[00:41.82]What time is it? It's seven fifteen.It's time for breakfast.[00:50.57]What time is it?It's eight o'
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le022017-12-27
[00:00.10]Lesson Two It's time to get up[00:21.08]Listen and read[00:24.92]Oh!It's seven thirty. It's time to get up.[00:30.48]What's the time?It's nine o'clock.It's time to go to bed.[00:38.35]Oh!It's seven thirty.It's
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le032017-12-26
[00:00.10]Lesson Three I have breakfast at seven thirty[00:19.59]Listen and read[00:23.54]J:What's the time,Tom? T:It's seven fifteen.[00:30.77]J:Is it time to have breakfast? T:No,it's time to wash my face.[00:39.31]J:
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le042017-12-26
[00:00.10]Lesson Four What day is today?[00:23.09]Listen and read[00:27.25]T:Hi,David!School is over.Is it time to go home?[00:34.80]D:No,it's time to play games.[00:39.84]T:What day is it today? D:It's Tuesday.[00:46.68
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le052017-12-25
[00:00.10]Lesson Five What are you doing?[00:22.49]Listen and read[00:26.64]D:Where are you,Mary?[00:29.99]M:I am making a present for my mother in my room.This Friday is her birthday.[00:39.65]K:You are really a nice g
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le062017-12-25
[00:00.10]Lesson Six Pass me the hammer[00:22.10]Listen and read[00:26.17]J:What are you doing? D:I'm mending the desks and chairs.[00:33.83]J:May I help you? D:Oh,yes.[00:38.97]J:What can I do now?[00:42.74]D:Plesae pa
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le072017-12-24
[00:00.10]Lesson Seven Hurry up![00:05.88]Listen and read[00:10.24]M:Hurry up,David! It's time to go to school.[00:16.01]D:What's the time? M:Seven forty.[00:21.16]D:Oh dear!We are late for school.Classes begin at eight.L
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le082017-12-24
[00:00.10]Lesson Eight I'm sorry[00:12.59]Listen and read[00:16.74]M:I'm sorry,Miss Green.I'm late.[00:21.50]G:That's all right.But you look very tired.[00:26.85]M:My bike is broken,and I ran here.[00:31.90]G:Oh,I see.Ple
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le092017-12-23
[00:00.10]Lesson Nine Don't worry[00:12.30]Listen and read[00:16.14]G:Why are you crying? B:I can't find my mother.[00:22.52]G:Oh,don't worry.Let me help you.[00:27.56]Let's go to that policeman for help. B:Thank you.[00
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le102017-12-23
[00:00.10]Lesson Ten You must be careful Listen and read[00:25.60]P:Stop!Stop!A car is coming![00:30.88]G:Oh dear!I'm very sorry.[00:35.32]P:It doesn't matter. But you must be careful.[00:40.59]Look at the traffic light
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le112017-12-22
[00:00.10]Lesson Eleven What colour is your dress?[00:19.59]Listen and read[00:23.43]M:Excuse me,where's my dress?[00:28.19]L:What colour is it? M:Red.[00:32.94]L:Oh,here it is!Is red your favourite colour?[00:38.71]M:Y
该音频有LRC字幕 小学英语陕旅版第四册附字幕:4_le122017-12-22
[00:00.10]Lesson Twelve Which is your favourite subject?[00:19.17]Listen and read[00:23.14]M:Tom,how manysubjects do you have at school?[00:29.00]T:Let me see.We learn Chinese,maths,English,science,[00:37.85]PE,music,art