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《仁爱版英语》(七年级零起点)是由北京市仁爱教育研究所于2002年3月依据《英语课程标准》在教育部成功立项、依据《英语课程标准》编写、于2003年9月第一次送教育部审查就获得通过,由湖南教育出版社出版的七年级零起点英语教材。 全国第一套严格按照教育部新课标教材编写程序:先立项通过—后编写教材—送审教材—教育部审查通过的七年级零起点英语教材。全国第一套于2001年7月《英语课程标准》颁布之后依据《英语课程标准》编写的七年级零起点英语教材。
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:12018-01-13
[00:00.10]Unit 1 Nice to Meet You[00:22.33]top 1 How are you?[00:26.20]Section A 1a Look,listen and say[00:32.05]Hello,everyone![00:31.05]Hi! Hello! Good morning.[00:34.03]1b Look,listen and say[00:51.14]Good morning![00:
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:22018-01-13
[00:00.10]Unit 1 top 2[00:03.34]She is from Canada.[00:05.88]Section A 1 Look,listen and say[00:11.60]Is she Barbara?[00:14.00]No,she isn't.[00:15.49]Her name's Jane.[00:17.08]Where is she from?[00:19.12]She's from canada
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:32018-01-12
[00:00.10]Unit 1 top 3[00:04.55]Can you guess my age?[00:07.52]Section A 1 Look,listen and say[00:13.51]zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten[00:32.21]Section B[01:02.62]1 Look,listen and say[01:0
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:42018-01-12
[00:00.10]Unit 2 We Have Different Looks[00:35.34]top 1 She has narrow eyes.[00:41.01]Section A 1a Look,listen and say[00:48.59]Michael,who is your favorite filmstar?[00:52.90]Guess.[00:53.33]OK.Is he American?[00:53.41]No
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:52018-01-11
[00:00.10]unit 2_top 2[00:03.84]What color is her hair?[00:07.34]Section A 1 Listen and say[00:13.71]Please give this card to Barbara in class 2,Grade 7.[00:20.09]I'm sorry. I don't know her.[00:23.20]What does she look li
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:62018-01-11
[00:00.10]unit 2_top 3[00:04.62]Can you tell me what she looks likes?[00:07.86]Section A 1 Look,listen and say[00:13.64]What does he / she look like?[00:19.41]1.He is short with black hair.[00:22.54]2.He is tall with a th
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:72018-01-10
[00:00.10]Unit3 Talking about Friends and Family[00:06.24]top 1 My name is Mike.[00:10.63]Section A 1 Look,listen and say[00:17.53]A Excuse me.May I ask your name?[00:22.94]Sure.My name is Michael. Please call me Mike.[00:
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:82018-01-10
[00:00.10]Unit 3_top 2[00:03.53]Let me introduce you.[00:05.93]Section A 1a Listen,read and say[00:13.04]Mom.I'm home. Some of my classmates come with me.[00:18.23]Welcome,kids!come in and make yourselves at home.[00:24.14
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:92018-01-09
[00:00.10]Unit 3_top 3[00:04.94]What is your favorite food?[00:07.89]Section A 1a Listen,read and say[00:24.41]Help youselves.[00:26.79]Thank you.Well,I'd like an egg and some fish.[00:32.48]Would you like some eggs,Barbar
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:102018-01-09
[00:00.10]Unit 4 Having Fun[00:04.13]top 1 How much does this cost?[00:08.83]Section A 1a Listen,read and say[00:16.33]May I help you,madam?[00:19.02]I'm looking for some clothes for my daughter.[00:23.01]The clothes sec
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:112018-01-08
[00:00.10]unit 4_top 2[00:04.55]A day in the park.[00:07.24]Section A 1a Listen,read and say[00:13.84]Hello?[00:15.44]Hello,Jane!This is kangkang.[00:18.34]Oh,hi,kangkang.What's up?[00:21.84]Are you free this Saturday?[00:
该音频有LRC字幕 北京仁爱英语七年级上册课文附字幕:122018-01-08
[00:00.10]unit 4_top 3[00:03.84]A field trip to the zoo.[00:06.74]Section A 1a Listen,read and say[00:13.92]Are you free on Sunday?[00:16.51]yes,I am.[00:18.00]Do you want to go to the zoo?[00:20.79]Sounds great![00:22.36