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作者:(美) 莱·弗·鲍姆 内容简介:《绿野仙踪》是美国作家莱·弗·鲍姆的优秀的儿童文学作品。作者以奇特的想象力描述了一个小女孩因被旋风刮到奥芝国,和她的三个朋友:狮子,稻草人,铁皮人团结在一起,共同克服困难,战胜险恶,为了实现自己的愿望,不屈不挠地同恶魔斗争,最终如愿以偿的故事。
绿野仙踪:Chapter 1. The Cyclone2012-07-05
Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies, with Uncle Henry, who was a farmer, and Aunt Em, who was the farmer's wife.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 2. The Council with the Munchkins2012-07-05
The little girl gave a cry of amazement and looked about her, her eyes growing bigger and bigger at the wonderful sights she saw.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 3. How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow2012-07-03
When Dorothy was left alone she began to feel hungry. So she went to the cupboard and cut herself some bread, which she spread with butter. She gave some to Toto, and taking a pail from the shelf she carried it down to the little brook and filled it with clear, sparkling water.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 4. The Road Through the Forest2012-07-03
The farms were not nearly so well cared for here as they were farther back. There were fewer houses and fewer fruit trees, and the farther they went the more dismal and lonesome the country became.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 5. The Rescue of the Tin Woodman2012-07-02
When Dorothy awoke the sun was shining through the trees and Toto had long been out chasing birds around him and squirrels. She sat up and looked around her. Scarecrow, still standing patiently in his corner, waiting for her.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 6. The Cowardly Lion2012-07-02
All this time Dorothy and her companions had been walking through the thick woods. The road was still paved with yellow brick, but these were much covered by dried branches and dead leaves from the trees, and the walking was not at all good.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 7. The Journey to the Great Oz2012-07-01
If you wish, said the Lion, I will go into the forest and kill a deer for you. You can roast it by the fire, since your tastes are so peculiar that you prefer cooked food, and then you will have a very good breakfast.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 8. The Deadly Poppy Field2012-07-01
Our little party of travelers awakened the next morning refreshed and full of hope, and Dorothy breakfasted like a princess off peaches and plums from the trees beside the river. Behind them was the dark forest they had passed safely through, although they had suffered many discouragements; but before them was a lovely, sunny country that seemed to beckon them on to the Emerald City.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 9. The Queen of the Field Mice2012-06-30
We cannot be far from the road of yellow brick, now, remarked the Scarecrow, as he stood beside the girl, for we have come nearly as far as the river carried us away.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 10. The Guardian of the Gate2012-06-30
It was some time before the Cowardly Lion awakened, for he had lain among the poppies a long while, breathing in their deadly fragrance; but when he did open his eyes and roll off the truck he was very glad to find himself still alive.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 11. The Wonderful City of Oz2012-06-29
Even with eyes protected by the green spectacles, Dorothy and her friends were at first dazzled by the brilliancy of the wonderful City. The streets were lined with beautiful houses all built of green marble and studded everywhere with sparkling emeralds.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 12. The Search for the Wicked Witch2012-06-29
The soldier with the green whiskers led them through the streets of the Emerald City until they reached the room where the Guardian of the Gates lived. This officer unlocked their spectacles to put them back in his great box, and then he politely opened the gate for our friends.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 13. The Rescue2012-06-28
The Cowardly Lion was much pleased to hear that the Wicked Witch had been melted by a bucket of water, and Dorothy at once unlocked the gate of his prison and set him free. They went in together to the castle, where Dorothy's first act was to call all the Winkies together and tell them that they were no longer slaves.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 14. The Winged Monkeys2012-06-28
The next morning the sun was behind a cloud, but they started on, as if they were quite sure which way they were going.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 15. The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible2012-06-25
The four travelers walked up to the great gate of Emerald City and rang the bell. After ringing several times, it was opened by the same Guardian of the Gates they had met before.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 16. The Magic Art of the Great Humbug2012-06-25
Congratulate me. I am going to Oz to get my brains at last. When I return I shall be as other men are.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 17. How the Balloon Was Launched2012-06-24
Thus each of the little party was satisfied except Dorothy, who longed more than ever to get back to Kansas.On the fourth day, to her great joy, Oz sent for her, and when she entered the Throne Room he greeted her pleasantly:
绿野仙踪:Chapter 18. Away to the South2012-06-24
Dorothy wept bitterly at the passing of her hope to get home to Kansas again; but when she thought it all over she was glad she had not gone up in a balloon. And she also felt sorry at losing Oz, and so did her companions.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 19. Attacked by the Fighting Trees2012-06-23
The next morning Dorothy kissed the pretty green girl good-bye, and they all shook hands with the soldier with the green whiskers, who had walked with them as far as the gate.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 20. The Dainty China Country2012-06-23
While the Woodman was making a ladder from wood which he found in the forest Dorothy lay down and slept, for she was tired by the long walk. The Lion also curled himself up to sleep and Toto lay beside him.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 21. The Lion Becomes the King of Beasts2012-06-22
This forest is perfectly delightful, declared the Lion, looking around him with joy. Never have I seen a more beautiful place.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 22. The Country of the Quadlings2012-06-22
The four travelers passed through the rest of the forest in safety, and when they came out from its gloom saw before them a steep hill, covered from top to bottom with great pieces of rock.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 23. Glinda The Good Witch Grants Dorothy's Wish2012-06-21
Before they went to see Glinda, however, they were taken to a room of the Castle, where Dorothy washed her face and combed her hair, and the Lion shook the dust out of his mane, and the Scarecrow patted himself into his best shape, and the Woodman polished his tin and oiled his joints.
绿野仙踪:Chapter 24. Home Again2012-06-21
Aunt Em had just come out of the house to water the cabbages when she looked up and saw Dorothy running toward her.