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“绯闻女孩系列”讲述纽约上东区的上流贵族社会青少年的成长故事,他们年轻而富有、漂亮而聪明、世故而张扬;他们做作、虚伪;他们喝酒、滥交、相互勾心斗角、甚至吸毒已经成了喝白开水。复杂的生活环境、复杂的人性;但却感觉得到这是他们实实在在的生活,在繁华的面纱之下,也有触动人心的亲情、友情和爱情。 这是发生在绚烂繁华的纽约大都市中青春的故事,,里面充斥了当下的众多流行元素:电邮、短信等等,在书中你也会看到众多世界一流的各种名店、高级服装品牌、高级化妆品。
chapter 12015-01-21
You Know You Love Me All I Want is Everything Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality.
Chapter 22015-01-20
SIGHTINGSB with her mother, arguing in a taxi in front of Takashimaya.
Chapter 32015-01-20
Blair liked to think of herself as a hopeless romantic in the style of old movie actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.
Chapter 42015-01-19
Blair sat down hard on the end of her bed, put her drink on the floor, and grasped the bedspread in tight, white-knuckled fists.
Chapter 52015-01-19
Hey Blair, Serena must have told you she was coming back, Chuck said.
Chapter 62015-01-18
The rest is history. They both had sex for the first time. It was awkward and painful and exciting and fun, and so sweet they forgot to be embarrassed.
Chapter 72015-01-18
I bet you guys wind up married. Blair gulped her wine, her little ruby ring rattling against the glass. She reached for the butter, slapping a great big wad on her roll. Hello?
Chapter 82015-01-17
In three years the Pratt Institute of Art and Design would be knocking her door down. Still, Jenny felt sick with embarrassment every time they used the hymnals, which was why she couldnt sing out loud. To sing aloud seemed like an act of bravado, as if she were saying, Look at me, Im singing along to the hymnals I made!
Chapter 92015-01-17
He was pale, his hair was shaggy, and he was rock-star thin. Existentialism has a way of killing your appetite. Guess whos back? Dan heard his little sister squeal excitedly into the phone.
chapter 102015-01-16
Ha! someone exclaimed from the back of the room. It was Blair Waldorf, laughing out loud as she read the note Rain Hoffstetter had just passed her. For a good time ? call Serena v.d. Woodsen ? Get it –VD? ?
chapter 112015-01-16
Kati wrinkled her pert little ski-jump nose and nudged Isabel with her elbow.
chapter 122015-01-15
He liked sugar and caffeine, which was probably part of the reason why his hands shook.
chapter 132015-01-15
Last night she had left a message on the answering machine in his room while he was watching a Yankees game with his friends.
chapter 142015-01-14
Dudes tired just thinking about it! Anthony said, pointing at Nate and cackling.
chapter 152015-01-14
Carmen was headed to the Art of Floral Design Club, although she always lied to her friends in her neighborhood and said she took karate.
chapter 162015-01-13
She reached for a French fry, dunked it in ketchup, and popped it into her mouth.
chapter 172015-01-13
We can ride together. It was rush hour, and the subway was packed. Serena found herself jammed between a woman with a huge Daffys bag and a fat little boy with nothing to hold onto but Serenas coat, which he kept grabbing every time the train lurched forward.
chapter 182015-01-12
I need your help, Serena said, squeezing Blairs arm. Blair kept her body stiff until Serena let go. Sorry, Serena said. Listen, I want to make a movie, and I thought you could help me, you know, with the cameras and stuff, since you take film.
chapter 192015-01-12
It was only eight oclock, but the bar was already jammed with people, dressed in the hippest fashions and sipping pastel-colored cocktails.
Chapter 202015-01-11
But I thought we would stay here for a while.
Chapter 212015-01-11
Like check out Blairs bare ass, or worry about condoms, or bad breath, or try to say the right thing.
Chapter 222015-01-10
Usually the doorman helps me out, but I guess hes asleep.
Chapter 232015-01-10
Next door, Serena and her mother were just heading out of their dressing room to the cashiers desk.
Chapter 242015-01-09
Although her teachers probably werent thrilled to see her double-fisting martinis on a school day.
Chapter 252015-01-09
No. My brother Dan was supposed to come with me, but he didnt really want to, so I just let him drop me off. Actually, I do know one person, Jenny said. Oh, said Blair. And who is that? Serena van der Woodsen, Jenny chirped. Were making a movie together.