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购物英语口语一本通 Unit28:假期-参加旅游(02)2018-03-17
The customer is asking about a package tour to Paris.顾客正在询问到巴黎的套装行程.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit27:假期-参加旅游(01)2018-03-17
A: Wonderland Travel, may I help you? 旅行社:仙境旅行社,我可以为您服务吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit26:假期(02)2018-03-16
The caller is purchasing an airline ticket.打电话的人正在买机票.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit25:假期(01)2018-03-16
T: Fair-Priced Fares, how may I help you? 旅行社职员:公道旅行社,有什么需要帮忙呢?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit24:加油2018-03-15
A: Whatll it be today, sir? 服务人员:先生,您今天要加什么油?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit23:买手表(02)2018-03-15
The customer is looking for a watch.顾客正在找他喜欢的手表.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit22:买手表(01)2018-03-14
S:Good morning. Welcome to Time After Time Watches.店员:早安,欢迎光临Time After Time钟表店.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit21:兑换钱(02)2018-03-14
The foreign exchange clerk has just given the customer the exchange rate for changing Japanese yen into US dollars.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit20:兑换钱(01)2018-03-13
Good afternoon, maam. What can I do for you? 午安,小姐.我能为你效劳吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit19:在药房2018-03-13
P: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you? 药剂师:先生,午安.我能为您服务吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit18:看医生(03)2018-03-12
The doctor has finished examining Randy, her patient.医生为她的病人兰迪完成了检查.[
购物英语口语一本通 Unit17:看医生(02)2018-03-12
P: Hi, my name is Randy Horn I have an appointment to see the doctor at 10:30.病人:嗨,我是兰迪·合恩.我和医生约好10:30要看病.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit16:看医生(01)2018-03-11
R: Doctor Ruths office, may I help you? 接待员:鲁思医生办公室,我可以为您服务吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit15:买鞋子(02)2018-03-11
The customer has found a pair of shoes she likes.顾客找到了一双她喜欢的鞋子.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit14:买鞋子(01)2018-03-10
Excuse me, maam, can I help you find anything? 对不起,小姐,要我帮你找你要的鞋子吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit13:买衣服(03)2018-03-10
Good afternoon, maam. Can I help you find anything? 午安,小姐.要我帮你找东西吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit12:买衣服(02)2018-03-09
The customer has just picked out a shirt and a pair of pants and the salesperson is gift-wrapping them for him.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit11:买衣服(01)2018-03-09
C: Excuse me, Im looking for your casual short-sleeved shirts. Can you tell me where those are?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit10:理发(02)2018-03-08
The hair stylist sprays the customers hair to wet it, and starts combing it.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit9:理发(01)2018-03-08
H: Hello, sir. What can we do for you today?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit8:买CD2018-03-07
C: Excuse me, Im looking for the Alanis Morrissette album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit7:在书店(02)2018-03-07
S: Excuse me. I need some storybooks in easy English. Do you have anything like that?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit6:在书店(01)2018-03-06
S: Excuse me, Im looking for your English textbooks.学生:对不起,我正在找你们卖的英文教科书
购物英语口语一本通 Unit5:随便吃点东西2018-03-06
A: Good afternoon, sir. May I help you? 柜台服务员:午安,先生.我能为您服务吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit4:在餐厅中(04)2018-03-05
The patron finishes her meal. The waiter comes to take her plates.(顾客用完餐,服务生过来收盘子.)