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购物英语口语一本通 Unit70:海滩装(02)2018-04-08
Two people are looking at swir77suits and other beach products.两个人正在看泳装和其他海滩用品.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit69:海滩装(01)2018-04-08
Two people are in a store at the beach looking at swimwear.两个人在海边的商店看泳装.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit68:买电脑(03)2018-04-07
The customer is choosing a computer with the assistance of the salesperson顾客在售货员的协助下正在选择电脑.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit67:买电脑(02)2018-04-07
The salesperson is helping the customer decide what kind of computer to buy.售货员正在帮客户决定购买哪一种电脑.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit66:买电脑(01)2018-04-06
S: Hi, welcome to Hals Computer World. Can I help you with anything? 售货员:嗨,欢迎光临海尔唐脑世界.我能为您效劳吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit65:买电脑游戏2018-04-06
S: Welcome to Game World. What can I do for you? 店员:欢迎光临Garne Worldo我能为您效劳吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit64:在机场(02)2018-04-05
The traveler is getting his boarding pass and seat assignment at the airline s front desk.旅客在机场的柜台领登机证和订座位.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit63:在机场(01)2018-04-05
T: Hi, I have a reservation for flight 007 to New York.旅客:嗨,我预订了到纽约的007次班机.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit62:租公寓(03)2018-04-03
The renter has decided to take the apartment.承租者B决定租下公寓.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit61:租公寓(02)2018-04-03
An apartment manager is showing an apartment to a potential renter.公寓经理正向一位准备承租的人介绍公寓.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit60:租公寓(01)2018-04-02
R: Hi, Im here to look at the one-bedroom apartment you have for rent.承租者:嗨,我来这儿要看你们出租的单卧室公寓.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit59:归档方法2018-04-02
As you all know, in English things are filed by alphabetical order. But what some of you may not realize is that in English-speaking countries peoples names are virtually always filed according to their family or last name.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit58:在超市(02)2018-04-01
S: Excuse me, Im looking for your 3-liter Peps is, the ones that are on sale this week. There dont seem to be any in the soft drink section.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit57:在超市(01)2018-04-01
S: Excuse me, can you tell me where the breakfast cereals are? 购物者:对不起,请问早餐吃的麦片放哪儿?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit56:退款与更换2018-03-31
Most stores in America have return and exchange policies.If, for instance, you buy a shirt and find out when you try it on that its too small
购物英语口语一本通 Unit55:在报刊亭2018-03-31
C: Excuse me, do you have the latest issue of Newsworld? 顾客:对不起,你们有最新发行的Newsworld吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit54:租录影带(04)2018-03-30
The clerk is recommending some videos to the customers.店员正向顾客推荐一些录像带.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit53:租录影带(03)2018-03-30
The customers are asking the clerk to recommend some videos.顾客正请店员推荐一些录像带.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit52:租录影带(02)2018-03-29
The customers are trying to decide which video to rent.顾客正要决定租哪一种录像带.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit51:租录影带(01)2018-03-29
S: Welcome to ICUC Videos. How may I help you? 店员:欢迎光临ICUC影带店.我能为您效劳吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit50:冰激凌2018-03-28
P: Hi, welcome to Forty-one Flavors Ice Cream. What can get you? 柜台人员:嗨,欢迎光临四一冰淇凌店.您需要什么口味的冰淇凌?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit49:修改衣物2018-03-28
C: Excuse me, Id like to have these pants I bought here yesterday altered. Heres my receipt.顾客:对不起,我想改一下昨天买的裤子.这是我的收据.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit48:在当地酒吧2018-03-27
In America, pubs are usually called bars. 在美国,酒馆通常被称酒吧.
购物英语口语一本通 Unit47:买花2018-03-27
F: Welcome to Flower Power, sir. What can I get for you? 花商:先生,欢迎光临动力花店.您要些什么吗?
购物英语口语一本通 Unit46:寻找一本好书(02)2018-03-26
The customer wants to buy a good novel and the clerk is recommending some.顾客想买一本好的小说,而店员正在向他介绍一些书.
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