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美语情景对话 第37期:英国与日本 England and Japan2017-10-23
Todd: Clare, youre from England.克莱尔,你来自英国.Clare: Thats right.没错.Todd: How would you compare England and
美语情景对话 第36期:捕鱼 Spear Fishing2017-10-23
Todd: OK, Michael, you are into spear fishing!好的,迈克尔,你喜欢捕鱼!Michael: Yes, I enjoy going spear fishing.是的,我喜欢捕鱼.Todd: OK. Can&n
美语情景对话 第34期:写作 Writing2017-10-21
Todd: OK, Jeff, youre a writer.杰夫,你是一名作家.Jeff: A little bit.算是.Todd: OK.好的.Jeff: Hobby!爱好而已!Todd: OK. Talk about writin
美语情景对话 第33期:自驾游 Road Trip2017-10-21
Todd: Tim, you want to talk about road trips!蒂姆,你能谈谈自驾游吗? Tim: Yeah, I wanna talk about road trips. Ah, me and&
美语情景对话 第32期:高中 High School2017-10-20
Todd: OK. Kerys, were going to talk about high school. Um, what was high school like for you? 好的,Kerys,我们
美语情景对话 第31期:武术 Martial Arts2017-10-20
Todd: Hey, Victor, I hear youre going home tomorrow.嗨,维克多,我听说你明天要回家了.Victor: Yes, I am.是的.Todd: Ah, thats too
美语情景对话 第30期:潜水 Scuba Diving2017-10-19
Todd: Nicola, you were talking to us the other day that you went diving in Australia.妮可拉,你要向我们讲讲前几天你在澳大利亚潜水的事儿?
美语情景对话 第29期:不速之客 The Visitor2017-10-19
Todd: Hey Leath! Do you want to go ahead and talk about the story you were going to say? 嗨,利思!你接下来要讲一个
美语情景对话 第28期:寄宿在波兰 Homestay in Poland2017-10-18
The first time I moved to Poland I wanted to live with a foreign family so that I could learn
美语情景对话 第27期:蒙特利尔 Montreal2017-10-18
Todd: Hello, Ann! How are you doing? 你好,安!你好吗? Ann: Im fine.我很好.Todd: Ann, could you introduce yourself and tell&nbs
美语情景对话 第26期:第一份工作 Radio Job2017-10-17
Todd: Anili, have you always been an English teacher? Anili,你一直都是一名英语老师吗? Anili: No, actually, I started out as a Fr
美语情景对话 第25期:棒球先生 Mr. Baseball2017-10-17
Todd: OK. Kevin, were back here in the forest. Um, were gonna talk about sports.凯文,我们现在来到了森林里.我们来谈谈运动.Kevin: OK.&nb
美语情景对话 第24期:外号 Nickname2017-10-16
Todd: Hello!你好!David: Hello, Seattle!你好,西雅图!Todd: Hello, Seattle! OK, well, how about could you introduce yourself to t
美语情景对话 第23期:音乐 Music and Such2017-10-16
Todd: OK. Matt, were back. Were gonna talk about music. What is your favorite kind of music? 马特,我们一起讨论讨论音
美语情景对话 第22期:校车上的故事 The Bus Story2017-10-15
Todd: So, Jessica, youve got a brother named Kirk!杰西卡,你有个哥哥叫柯克!Jessica: Yes, thats right. He is two and a
美语情景对话 第21期:英国村庄 English Village2017-10-15
Todd: OK. Hello!你好!Steven: Hello, there!你好!Todd: How are you doing today? 你今天好吗? Steven: Pretty good.很好.Todd: Could you please
美语情景对话 第20期:搭飞机回家 Going Home2017-10-14
Todd: OK, Victor, tomorrow youre flying home.维克多,明天你要搭飞机回家.Victor: Yes, thats correct.是的,没错.Todd: OK. So, ar
美语情景对话 第19期:火车旅行 The Train Trip2017-10-14
Todd: Devon, I hear that you took the train across Russia.戴文,我听说你乘坐火车跨越了俄罗斯.Devon: Yes, I started in Moscow, tra
美语情景对话 第18期:爱情故事 The Love Story2017-10-13
JJ: Look at them all lean in as I tell this story.... It starts out sickeningly sweet. I was in&nbs
美语情景对话 第17期:经典电影 Good Movie2017-10-13
Todd: OK. Jamie, Were going to talk about movies.杰米,我们来谈谈电影.Jamie: OK, Great!好的!Todd: What is your favorite movie?
美语情景对话 第16期:运动健将 The Jock2017-10-12
Todd: OK, Conrad!康拉德!Conrad: Yeah!是的!Todd: Youre quite the jock!你真是个运动健将!Conrad: Thanks Todd.谢谢.Todd: Yeah. So, were&n
美语情景对话 第15期:室友 Roommates2017-10-12
Todd: So, JJ, I hear youve got a good living arrangement.JJ,我听说你住的公寓很棒.JJ: I love it, and of course, you
美语情景对话 第14期:童年生活 Big Apple Baby2017-10-11
美语情景对话 第13期:暑假 Summer Vacation2017-10-11
nbsp;Todd: OK. Were back with Jeanna. You wanna talk about your summer vacation.好的,吉娜.能谈谈你的暑假吗.Jeanna: Sure. I w
美语情景对话 第12期:第一份工作 First Job2017-10-10
OK, Charlotte. Youve been a teacher for quite a while.好的,夏洛特.你做老师做了很久了.Charlotte: Yeah, I started about&nb