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赖世雄初级美语入门篇 012012-06-12
Lesson One Greatings Dailogue A T: Good morning Mei! How are you ? M: Hi Tom !I'm fine ,and you ?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 022012-06-11
good morning good afternoon good evening good night how are you? Tom hi! I'm fine, it's fine today, it's fine day today!
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 032012-06-11
nice to meet everybody! glad to meet everybody! glad to see everybody!
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 042012-06-10
hi! I'm tom, I beg your paden, May I beg your parden? I am tom , oh! hi!tom ,I am Marry,nice to meet you !
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 052012-06-10
I am a boy. It is a book. You are very kind. She is a girl. I am happy. she is beatuful. I'm a boy.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 062012-06-09
Name, Age and Nationality Dialog A : A: Excuse me . What's your name? B: I'm May.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 072012-06-09
which is better? witch who will come? where do you come from? what's your nationality?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 082012-06-08
you almost to jump the gun. may i have your name please can i open the door may i know your name please what's your name please sonny,what's your name?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 092012-06-08
Introductions Dialogue A Hi Tom ,how is it going? Great!who is your friend? Oh Im sorry,this is Kay.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 102012-06-07
Dad,father,girlfriend,glad,Mrlin,Chen, but, call me ,Sir. Mary,this is Jack. Hi,Jack,glad to meet you.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 112012-06-07
I work in a computer company too.我也在一家电脑公司上班。
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 142012-06-06
Lesson six Time Dialogue A Excuse me, Mam,what time is it ,please? Its 2:30 Thanks.what time is the next train?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 152012-06-06
It’s one fifteen. It’s fifteen past one. It’s a quarter past one.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 162012-06-05
Because it is my birthday. Happy birthday,May. Thanks.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 172012-06-05
to make sb feel embarrassed dialog B What's today's date,Tom? It is February 14th. What day is it today?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 182012-06-04
Whats todaydate,Tom? It is March third. What day is it today?./what day is today?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 192012-06-04
The weather Dialogue Hi May,I am calling from NewYork. NewYork ?What are you doing there? Im here on business. How is the weather in NewYork?
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 202012-06-03
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 20,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 212012-06-03
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 21,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 222012-06-02
Hold on,hold a pencil ,a few, eat out , at the moment, know,Call back.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 232012-06-02
B:Yes,please.I'd like to make an appointment to see Doc. Chen.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 242012-06-01
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 24,本听力暂无文本内容,欢迎来邮件提供文本!
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 252012-06-01
A:Hello doctor Hou's office,may I help you? B:I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor Hou.
赖世雄初级美语入门篇 262012-05-31
front desk table dining table morning call give me a call get up no problem grammer notes: hello,room services this is the room service section/department.
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