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CRI在线收听:China makes skeleton debut at Winter Olympics2018-02-25
Geng Wenqiang has become the first Chinese athlete to compete in the skeleton at the Winter Olympics, finishing in 13th place.
CRI在线收听:Hainan travel chaos: Is it time to build the cross-strait subsea tunnel?2018-02-25
About 10,000 vehicles have been stranded on Hainan Island after ferry services were stopped due to heavy fog. It has aroused discussion about the need to build a cross-strait bridge or a tunnel under Qiongzhou Strait.
CRI在线收听:Terrorist suspect Akilov admits what he did in Stockholm2018-02-25
The suspect in a terrorism case in Sweden has admitted that it was he who planned and conducted the attack in the center of Stockholm last April.
CRI在线收听:Wu Dajing wins China's 1st gold, leads team to silver at Pyeongchang2018-02-25
Wu Dajing has finally done it for China - the short track speed skater won Chinas first gold medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in the mens 500-meter.
CRI在线收听:Scientists seek to unravel secrets of 'superagers'2018-02-25
Some people in their 80s and 90s can keep the same sharp memory as someone several decades younger.Scientists are peeking into the brains of so-called superagers to uncover what makes them resistant to the effects of ageing.
CRI在线收听:Chinese Farmers' Choir Joins New Year Celebrations in the UK2018-02-25
A Chinese farmers choir from Yunnan has made an impressive debut in the UK, staging a series of New Years concerts with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London.
趣味建议React 第40期:哪只是最棒的忍者神龟2018-02-25
What do I do when I like someone who lives far away? 我喜欢的人住的很远怎么办?
趣味建议React 第39期:怎么应对强迫症2018-02-25
How do I deal with my OCD? 我要怎么应对我的强迫症?
趣味建议React 第30期:怎么让讨厌我的人成为我的朋友2018-02-24
How do I get a person who hates me to be my friend? That's hard. 我怎么让讨厌我的人成为我的朋友? 这很难做到.
趣味建议React 第29期:怎么让前任嫉妒2018-02-24
How do I make my ex jealous? (snickers) 怎么让前任嫉妒? (窃笑)
趣味建议React 第28期:杀死僵尸的最好方法是什么2018-02-21
How do I make my family proud? Aw! 我怎么能让我的家人以我为荣? 哦!
趣味建议React 第27期:怎么忘掉一个没发展可能的男人2018-02-21
How can I get over a guy when I have no chance with him? 我怎么忘掉一个和我完全没发展可能的男人?
趣味建议React 第26期:人生的意义是什么2018-02-21
What is the meaning of life? 人生的意义是什么?
趣味建议React 第25期:爱情是什么感觉2018-02-21
What does love feel like? 爱情是种什么感觉?
趣味建议React 第24期:你会选择你爱的人还是爱你的人2018-02-21
Who would you choose, someone you love or someone who loves you? 你会选择你爱的人还是爱你的人?
趣味建议React 第23期:情人节丈夫不给买花怎么办2018-02-21
My husband doesn't get me flowers for Valentine's Day. What should I do? 我丈夫在情人节那天不给我买花.我应该怎么办?
趣味建议React 第22期:怎么决定上哪所大学2018-02-21
How do I decide which college to go to? 我怎么决定上哪所大学?
趣味建议React 第21期:怎么知道自己在做梦2018-02-21
How do I ask someone for their number without seeming super into them? 我怎么能在不表现出超级喜欢某人的情况下要到那个人的电话号码?
趣味建议React 第20期:什么时候是最好的年龄2018-02-21
What is the best age to be and why? 最好的年龄是什么时候? 为什么?
趣味建议React 第19期:怎么赢得奥斯卡2018-02-21
My friends are hanging out without me. How do I get included? 我的朋友们一起出去,却不带我玩.我怎么才能加入他们?
趣味建议React 第18期:遇到迅猛龙怎么办2018-02-21
Burrito or taco? 墨西哥卷饼还是墨西哥玉米卷?
趣味建议React 第17期:有两个女友怎么办2018-02-21
趣味建议React 第16期:怎么能不再自拍2018-02-21
How do I stop taking selfies? Seriously. I have a problem. 我怎么才能停止自拍? 我是认真的,在这方面我有严重的问题.
趣味建议React 第10期:中午怎么能不睡午觉2018-02-21
How do I keep conversations going? 我怎么让谈话继续下去?
趣味建议React 第09期:怎么和明星结婚2018-02-21
How do you marry a celebrity? 怎么和明星结婚?