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跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第165期2018-06-20
With every sun comes a new day. A new beginning. A hope that things will be better today than they were yesterday.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第164期2018-06-20
Whatever nightmares the future holds, are dreams compared to whats behind me.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第163期2018-06-19
There are men laying down their lives. Ive got no right to do any less than them.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第162期2018-06-19
I think that there are two forces on Earth you never want to be fighting. One is Mother Nature, the other is love.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第161期2018-06-18
I am determined that only the deepest love will induce me into matrimony.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第160期2018-06-18
Dont get all sad-faced about what happened and scrunchy-faced about what could. Just be here now.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第159期2018-06-17
You label everybody to try to keep them down, but you end up missing out on all this great stuff around you.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第158期2018-06-17
Persistence and determination alone are all powerful. Show that you dont have to be defeated by anything, that you can have peace of mind, improved health.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第157期2018-06-16
If you are legitimately happy, honestly, you wouldnt feel the need to make a big show out of it. You wouldnt have to broadcast it.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第156期2018-06-16
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第155期2018-06-15
In my opinion, exertion should always be in proportion to what is required.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第154期2018-06-15
In the beginning was the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form. And darkness was upon the face of the deep.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第417期2018-06-14
Theres a yin for every yang. If theres bad, good will rise up against it.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第416期2018-06-14
Ideas dont come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第415期2018-06-13
Things always work out, even if theyre harder right now.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第414期2018-06-13
The odds are for me. Im destined to accomplish my dreams. Im destined to overcome this challenge.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第413期2018-06-12
My advice to you, would be to accept the burden that chance has seen fit to lay upon you, and to fashion as good a life as you are able.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第412期2018-06-12
Always try to see the best in people, he would say. As a consequence, Im inclined to reserve all judgements.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第411期2018-06-11
Always try to see the best in people, he would say. As a consequence, Im inclined to reserve all judgements.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第410期2018-06-11
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第409期2018-06-10
When something bad happens, theres no point in wishing it had not happened. The only option is to minimise the damage.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第408期2018-06-10
Set out to correct the worlds wrongs, and youll almost certainly wind up adding to them.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第407期2018-06-09
The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第406期2018-06-09
Never convince yourself that what other people are telling you to do is right, if you dont feel like its right in your heart.
跟着Gwen学英语之每日早读 第405期2018-06-08
Life is a collection of moments. The idea is to have as many good ones as you can.
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