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科学美国人:Fat-Carb Combo Is A Potent One-Two Punch2018-06-21
Foods high in both carbs and fats tickle the brainrsquo;s reward circuits more so than snacks that showcase just one or the other. Karen Hopkin reports.
科学美国人:Jupiter Crackles With Polar Lightning2018-06-18
Juno spacecraft data suggest lightning on Jupiter is much more common than we thoughtmdash;but it congregates near the poles, not the equator as on Earth. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Coral Reefs Keep Costly Waves at Bay2018-06-16
A new analysis found the flood protection benefits of coral reefs save the global economy $4 billion dollars a year. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Hippo Dung Fouls Up Freshwater Fisheries2018-06-16
Hippo poop is piling up in Tanzaniarsquo;s freshwater fisheriesmdash;which is bad news for biodiversity, and deleterious for the dinnerplate. Jason G. Goldman reports.
科学美国人:A Litmus Test for Bad Breath2018-06-14
Researchers engineered a portable device that detects even the tiniest trace of hydrogen sulfidemdash;one of the primary offenders in bad breath. Karen Hopkin reports.
科学美国人:Prez (of AMA) Issues Call To Arms-Science2018-06-12
At the AMA annual meeting the organization's president petitioned for an evidence-based, science-driven analysis of gun violence and solutions.
科学美国人:Powder Pulls Drinking Water from Desert Air2018-06-09
A structure known as a metal organic framework traps water vapor by night, then releases it when heated the next day. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Ancient Clan War Explains Genetic Diversity Drop2018-06-07
Five to seven thousand years ago, the diversity of Y chromosomes plummeted. A new analysis suggests clan warfare may have been the cause. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Saying "This May Hurt" May Make It Worse2018-06-07
Warning a child that something, like a vaccine shot, will hurt can actually increase their perception of the pain.
科学美国人:How the Brain Preps the Body for Pain2018-06-06
Being warned something will hurt leads us to perceive it as more painful than it really is, and vice versa. Karen Hopkin reports.
科学美国人:Mongooses Gift Grooming for Guard Duty2018-06-06
Humans and other primates often reciprocate good deeds. A new study suggests a non-primate, the dwarf mongoose, does so too, even after a delay. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Some Trees Beat Heat with Sweat2018-06-01
During extreme heat waves, a species of eucalyptus copes by releasing water and taking advantage of evaporative cooling. Other trees may do the same.
科学美国人:Computers Go Head-to-Head with Humans on Face Recognition2018-06-01
The best facial-recognition algorithms are now as good as the best forensic examiners are. But the best results come by combining human and computer skills. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Pinnipeds Don't Appreciate Biped Disturbance2018-05-30
Sea lions and fur seals in Uruguay have become a tourist attractionmdash;but the animals have become less tolerant of the disturbance. Jason G. Goldman reports.
科学美国人:Computers Predict Pop Chart Success2018-05-25
An evolutionary analysis of pop tunes revealed that over the past 30 years songs have grown saddermdash;but the big hits buck that trend. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Dinosaurs: From Humble Beginnings to Global Dominance2018-05-24
Edinburgh University paleontologist Steve Brusatte talks about his May 2018 Scientific American article, quot;The Unlikely Triumph of the Dinosaurs,quot; and his new book, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World .
科学美国人:Doc's YA Novel Treats Life and Death Issues2018-05-24
Pediatric cardiologist Ismeacute;e Williams discusses her young-adult novel Water In May, about a teenage girl whose newborn has a life-threatening heart condition.
科学美国人:Google's AI Assistant Does Your Talk Tasks2018-05-18
The new Google AI voice assistant, called Duplex, highlights the intricacies of carrying out a mundane human-style conversation, as it keeps you off the phone.
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