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创业与企业发展 第163期:感谢卡2018-02-20
you guys are doing something for me almost every week and its totally awesome and makes me feel, Im getting maximum value.
创业与企业发展 第162期:保持能量充足2018-02-20
And that required doing a lot of these things to help people sort of do what they need.
创业与企业发展 第161期:工作量瞬间减少2018-02-20
We redesigned our documentation over and over again, AB tested it constantly.
创业与企业发展 第160期:解程度2018-02-20
And what it does is it changes the way you sort of build software.
创业与企业发展 第159期:客户交流2018-02-20
One of the interesting byproducts of it was that we noticed that people started being nicer to us in the customer support.
创业与企业发展 第158期:人脸识别功能2018-02-20
Churn is a story we dont like to talk about often, all the time.
创业与企业发展 第157期:Wufoo的表格2018-02-20
Hold up.And oftentimes, you know, we dont worry much about this in customer se, criticism and contempt.
创业与企业发展 第156期:客服中心2018-02-20
创业与企业发展 第155期:质朴性等价值理念2018-02-20
创业与企业发展 第154期:产品建设2018-02-20
So John Gauntman understands something fundamental about. 因此,John Gauntman精通
创业与企业发展 第153期:优秀的应用2018-02-20
And whats cool is we had over 25 different applications created for us of quality and quantity
创业与企业发展 第152期:Stripe网站2018-02-20
Speaking of documentation, stripe. 说到文字设计的成功例子,不得不说Stripe网站
创业与企业发展 第151期:Chocolat的界面2018-02-20
My sort of server, and back end services is as easy as sort of dragging up and down
创业与企业发展 第150期:Vimeo的登陆界面2018-02-20
This is Vimeos log in page this is actually a couple integr, iterations ago.
创业与企业发展 第149期:第一好印象2018-02-20
The links, the advertising, the very first time you interact with customer support.
创业与企业发展 第148期:相互作用2018-02-20
Human beings are relationship manufacturing creatures.
创业与企业发展 第147期:让用户喜爱的产品2018-02-20
And our return to our investors is about 29,000%. 但我们给投资者的回报率高达29000%
创业与企业发展 第146期:YC的第二批孵化项目2018-02-20
If you sort of get that right everything else will sort of take care of itself. Its a sort of faith thing.
创业与企业发展 第145期:打造用户所喜爱的产品2018-02-20
All right. So when I talk about making products users love what I mean specifically is like
创业与企业发展 第144期:推广活动2018-02-20
And then the second thing you need to be thinking about is. 要考虑的第二点
创业与企业发展 第143期:短信以及推送通知2018-02-20
If you cant get your email, your SMS or your push delivered. 如果你发送的邮件,短信或是推送到不了用户手里
创业与企业发展 第142期:邮件2018-02-20
创业与企业发展 第141期:HML网站地图2018-02-20
创业与企业发展 第140期:引擎优化2018-02-20
创业与企业发展 第139期:邀请链接2018-02-20
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