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爱情与年龄 Love and Age

People always play the joke that love is nothing to do with the age, weight and height. But it is normal for an older man to fall in love with the a young girl, while it is CRIticized for an older woman to fall in love with a young boy. As far as I am concerned, love is equal in front of two people who love each other. 人们总是开玩笑说,爱是与年龄、体重和身高无关。一个年长的男人爱上了一个年轻的女孩在人们眼中是正常的,但是一个年长的女人爱上了一个年轻的男孩却会遭到人们的批判。在我看来,爱在两个相爱的人面前是平等的。 In people’s eyes, they will applause for the older man who marries a young girl, because they think the man is such capable. They accept the idea that love is nothing to do with the age. When the situation comes to women, people will look down upon their relationship and speak ill of it. It seems that love has something to do with age. 在众人眼中,他们会把掌声送给一个年长的男人娶了一个年轻的女孩,因为他们认为他是有能力的人。他们接受爱情与年龄无关这个说法。但是当主角换成是女性的时候,人们会看不起这段关系,并且恶言相向。这样看起来,爱情与年龄有关。 There are so many couples show the good example of women can married a person who is younger than them and they live happily. On the contrary, the young couples get the high divorce rate, but the media only cover the former situation, which brings pressure to the women.  有很多夫妻树立了女人可以嫁给比自己年轻的而且还能幸福地生活的榜样。相反,年轻夫妇有着高离婚率,但是媒体只报道前面的情况,给女性带来了不少压力。 There is no doubt that true love happens when a couple loves each other with their hearts, age is not the problem. 毫无疑问,真正的爱情发生在全心全意相爱的情侣间,而年龄并不是问题。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/Love-and-Age.html