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2016年12月英语四级(第2套)听力真题 听力短文(03)

Did you know that, besides larger places like France and Germany, Europe is home to several extremely tiny countries? 你注意过吗,除了大一点的国家比如法国和德国,欧洲还有很多非常非常小的国家。 One of these countries contains less than a square mile of land. 有一个甚至不到一平方英里大。 Another is surrounded on all sides by Italy. 还有一个被意大利包围。 Yet each is an independent land, with its own government, trade, and customs. 然而每一个都是独立的国家,有自己的政府、贸易和关卡。 One of the best known of these small countries is Monaco. 其中最著名的就是摩纳哥。 It is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by France on three sides. 它坐落在地中海沿岸,三面被法国环绕。 Monaco became familiar to Americans when its ruler, Prince Rainier, married the American actress Grace Kelly. 当摩纳哥的统治者兰尼埃三世,娶了美国女演员格蕾丝·凯莉之后,这个国家为美国人所熟知。 Rainier's family has ruled Monaco almost continuously since 1297. 兰尼埃家族从1297年就是摩纳哥的统治者了。 The land has been independent for over three hundred years. 这个国家也已经独立了300多年。 Andorra, with an area of some 200 square miles, is considerably larger than Monaco. 安道尔,占地200平方英里,要比摩纳哥大不少。 This country is located in the Pyrenees Mountains, with France on one side and Spain on the other. 这个国家坐落在比利牛斯山脉,毗邻法国和西班牙。 Potatoes and tobacco are grown in Andorra's steep mountain valleys. 安道尔险峻的山谷之中主要种植土豆和烟草。 One of the products it exports is clothing. 这个国家的出口产品是布料。 Andorra is also known for its excellent skiing locations. 安道尔也作为极佳的滑雪胜地而闻名遐迩。 Within the Alps in Central Europe is Liechtenstein, a tiny country of about 30,000 people who speak mostly German. 在中欧阿尔卑斯山地区的列支敦士登,是拥有30000人口的小国,主要语言为德语。 Liechtenstein uses the same money as its neighbor Switzerland, but it has been an independent country since the 1860s. 列支敦士登的货币与邻国瑞士相同,但是从19世纪60年代它就是一个独立的国家了。 Taxes are low, so many businesses have their headquarters here. 这个国家税负非常低,所以很多企业在这里都设立了总部。 The country makes and exports a lot of machinery. 列支敦士登制造及出口非常多机械。 Other small, independent states in Europe are San Marino and Luxembourg. 其他欧洲的小国家还有圣马力诺和卢森堡。 Each of these has unique qualities as well. 每一个国家都有其独特之处。 Questions 22 to 25 are based on the passage you have just heard. 请根据你刚刚听到的文章回答问题22至问题25。 Question 22.What does the speaker say about Monaco? 问题22.讲话的人怎么评价摩纳哥? Question 23.Why did Monaco become familiar to Americans according to the speaker? 问题23.为什么美国人会熟知摩纳哥? Question 24.What is one of the products Andorra exports? 问题24.安道尔出口产品包括什么? Question 25.What does the speaker mainly talk about? 问题25.这段话主要内容是什么? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/504797.html