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波达克(Poldark) 第03季 第03集 第07期

随你吧 Just as you like. 我 乔治·沃勒根 发誓会真诚地 I, George Warleggan, do swear that I truly and bona fide 承担法律和公平赋予的身份 have such an estate in law or equity... 洁身自好 to and for my own use and benefit, 以行使治安法官的权力 as doth qualify me to act as a Justice of the Peace, 贯彻律法的真正目的和意义 according to the true intent and meaning of the Act. -共和万岁 -共和万岁 - Vive la republique! - Vive la republique! 共和万岁 Vive la republique! 共和万岁 Vive la republique! 这可好 That's all we need. 我们到这里后她就一直盯着我们 She's had her eye on us since we arrived. 共和万岁 Vive la republique. 如你所说 女士 As you say, mademoiselle. 你来这里做生意吗 You are here on business? 我是葡萄酒和烈酒进口商 Importer of fine wines and spirits. 你能证明吗 Can you prove it? -我有文件 -在身上吗 - l have papers. - About you? 在我房间里 In my room. 我们能去看看吗 Shall we go and inspect them? 抱歉 女士 我忘了说 My apologies, mademoiselle, I omitted to mention - 我结婚了 还有小孩 I'm married, with a child. -我单身 -索利 - I'm not. - Tholly. -我准备好了 非常乐意 -索利 - I'm ready, willing and able. - Tholly. 如果他不愿意 那我来 Well, if he won't, I will. -我为我的仆从道歉 女士 -仆从 - I must apologise for my servant, mademoiselle. - Servant?! 你是异乡人 先生 You are a stranger in these parts, monsieur, 显然也不明白交朋友的好处 and evidently not aware of how useful it is to have friends... 和树敌的坏处 ..As opposed to enemies. 我相信今天我既没有交友也没有树敌 I humbly trust I've made none today. 女人的命是多苦啊 How frustrating is a woman's lot? 男人出门打仗 我们只能闲在家里 We're left idling at home while the men go off and fight battles. 是吗 我们都闲着吗 Is that what we do, idle? 可能我结婚后 胆子变小了 Perhaps I've grown less bold since my marriage. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/Poldark-03-03-7.html