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波达克(Poldark) 第03季 第03集 第06期

有陆军和海军的军官 There are officers of the army and navy, 但要知道名字可不容易 but it is not easy to get names. 还得再花点钱 It will cost more. 一百 100. 先给你五十 50 now. 等你打听到名字再给你五十 50 when you bring me their names. 要花点时间 回家吧 我会派人告诉你 It will take time. Go home. I'll send you word. 不拿到名单 我绝不离开罗斯科夫 I am not be leaving Roscoff until I have a list. 那你一定要提高警惕 先生 Then you must be on your guard, monsieur. 待的时间越久就越危险 Every hour you remain puts you in greater danger. 共和国也许会纵容贸易 但绝对不会放过间谍 The Republic may turn a blind eye to the trade, not to spies. 我们不是间谍 We are not spies. 你想打听关于共和国囚犯的消息 You seek information concerning prisoners of the Republic. 有人会觉得这就是间谍活动 Some will call that spying. 你之前钟情的那个美女呢 Whatever happened to that beauty you once set your heart on? 查诺韦斯家的姑娘 Chynoweth girl. 她嫁给了我堂兄 She married my cousin. 真惨 Harsh. 我挺过来了 I survived. 我更需要一个能帮我砍柴猎野兔的妻子 I needed a wife who could chop wood and skin rabbits, 而不是只会品茶社交 as well as drink tea and curtsey. 换做你父亲只会和厨娘厮混 不会娶她 Your father would've bedded his maid, not wed her. 我父亲和我不一样 My father and I are not alike. 然而你还是和老索利一起 And yet, here you are, with ole Tholly again... 又来白费功夫 On another fool's errand. 伊丽莎白 Elizabeth? 亲爱的 我就要出门了 My dear, I'm leaving shortly. 为什么 For what? 我第一次做法官 My first appearance on the bench. 也许你会想陪我去 Perhaps you'd care to accompany me? 是吗 我记得以前弗兰西斯觉得上庭很烦 Would I? I seem to recall Francis found it all quite tiresome. 算了吧 我还是待在这里吧 No, I think my time is better spent here. 我还要做一些家务 There are household matters to attend to. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/Poldark-03-03-6.html