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波达克(Poldark) 第02季 第03集 第03期

不过若是能开出新矿 就能有所改观 But that could change if another lode of copper could be found. 亨肖先生 Mr Henshawe? 大家都知道老特沃基矿 'Tis common knowledge that the ancient Trevorgie workings - 虽然五十年前因为旧主过世而被废弃 abandoned a half-century ago when the owner died - 但并未开采殆尽 were never worked out. 老矿井多年前就已朽败 The old shafts caved in long ago. 目前已无法从地面上向下开掘 'Tis impossible to reach from above grass, 但请看这张老地图 but if you look at this old map, 与莱杰矿井如今的新图相比较 compare it with the current map of Wheal Leisure workings, 即可发现我们向特沃基方向 you'll see that we've extended considerably 大大掘进了许多 in the direction of Trevorgie. 我的提议如下 My proposal is this - 我们投入三个月的利润 we divert our quarterly profits 用以开掘新的勘探矿道 into starting an exploratory tunnel 看是否能打通到特沃基矿井 to see if we can join up the old Trevorgie workings 开采那些未开采的铜矿 and access the untapped copper. 让谁来挖 And who's to do the digging? 难道不会占用日常班次的工人吗 Will it take men away from the day-to-day workings? 你能保证一定会发现铜矿吗 Can you guarantee that copper will be found? 这对我委托人的分红又有什么影响 How will this affect my client's dividends? 您知道的 先生 矿业何来有准的事 As you know, sir, there are no guarantees in mining. 亨肖先生将亲自督导开掘事宜 Mr Henshawe will personally supervise the venture. 由扎奇·马丁带领一支小队 我也加入 A small team, including myself, will be led by Zacky Martin. 此外再有六个人一起即可 And we'll take on six extra men to cover them. 我看不出有什么坏处 Well, I can't see the harm in it. 就这几个人的工钱总不会吃穷了我们吧 I doubt their wages will bankrupt us! -这您就放心吧 先生 -那我赞同 - No, you can be sure o' that, sir. - I'm in favour. 还有谁 Who's with me? 提议通过 奥吉特先生和坦卡德先生反对 Motion carried. Mr Aukitt and Mr Tankard declined. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/Poldark-02-03-3.html