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波达克(Poldark) 第01季 第03集 第10期

倒不是所有人 但大多数都是 Not all of them, but...most. 那先生您怎么就和他们不同呢 How is it, sir, that 'ee be not like 'em? 也许我也一样 Perhaps I am. 不 先生 他们不像您那样看待我们 No. No, sir. They don't see us like you do. 知道我们也会难过 也有感情 As folk with hurts and feelings, same as they. 但有时候我也看不到这点 德梅尔扎 Sometimes I fail to see that, too, Demelza. 有时候近在眼前的我也看不到 Sometimes I barely see what's right in front of me. 他还是个小伙子 先生 He's just a lad, sir. 肯定会判他无罪的 They mun' sure let him go. 但愿如此吧 You would think so. 金妮准备好了吗 Is Jinny ready? 她去不了了 罗斯 她要生了 She can't go, Ross. 'Tis 'er time. 把他好好带回家 罗斯 Bring him safe home, Ross. 你犯下此等罪愆 Has been unemployed by you 但我确信只需诚心祈祷 in soliciting that pardon from the Almighty 并以身赎罪 which I trust your prayers may obtain 定能求得主宽恕 through the merits of your redeemer, 因主是至仁慈的 whose first attribute is mercy. 现在 我将依据法律 It now only remains to me 根据你的罪行进行判决 to pass the dreadful sentence of the law, 我判你流放 which is to transportation. 带他下去 Take him away. 他什么罪名 What was his CRIme? 偷猎 Poaching. 能说句话吗 先生 A word, sir? 难不成你又缺钱了 Don't tell me. More funds required? 不 别的事 No, another matter entirely. 吉姆·卡特在里斯矿井工作时您医治过他吧 You treated Jim Carter when he worked at Wheal Reath? 严重哮喘 他的肺有问题 Convulsive asthma - a morbid condition of the lungs. 我记得他父亲就是因此而死 Did for his father, as I recall. 问这个做什么 Why do you ask? 如果能证明他健康状况不佳且品行良好 Only with evidence of ill health and testament of good character, 我希望能撤销他的罪名 I'd hope we could get the charge dismissed. 撤销 Dismissed?! 我估计他的肺在监狱里支撑不了多久 I doubt his lungs would survive a stint in gaol. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/Poldark-01-03-10.html