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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第16集 第02期

引领我们进入死神领域 and lead us into the realm of Thanatos, 而伟大的梅林占据了他的灵魂 yet for what greatness Merlyn possessed in his soul 他迷失了心智 he lost in his heart. 他诅咒我们的伟大之旅 He swore that our great journey would be nothing 若无他的血脉辅佐将是徒劳一场 without his blood legacy at our side, 因此在他献出生命之前 and thus before he gave up his life, 他确保了这场旅途将无法开始 he made sure this journey could not commence 除非他的挚爱准备好 until his beloved was ready. 站出来 Step forward. 我得说 I have to say 这身新制服没能打动我 the new uniforms do not impress me. 我们已经洗刷了自己身上你父亲的罪 We have cleansed ourselves of your father's sins 为了迎接新生 for our rebirth, 而这一切若没有你的命运就走不远 which couldn't be further from your fate, 恶魔之女 daughter of the Demon. 我会享受撕开你喉咙的感觉 雅典娜 I would so relish slitting your throat, Athena. 这是我们有共鸣的一件事 One thing we have in common. 只是我培养出了现代的喜好 Except I've grown a taste for the contemporary... 比如塑胶炸弹 such as plastic explosives. 《绿箭侠》 第六季 第十六集 拜拜 西娅 天呐 如果你爸爸看到你这样 Oh, my gosh. You'd be in so much trouble 你就有大麻烦了 if your dad saw you doing that. 有我这么酷的小姑 你真是幸运 You're lucky you have such a cool aunt, you know, 我对坏习惯一点也不反感 who approves of bad behavior. -我会想你的 -我也会的 - I'm gonna miss you. - And I'm gonna miss you, too. 跟我保证看好你父亲 好吗 Just promise me that you're gonna watch over your dad, ok? 但他是绿箭侠 But he's the Green Arrow. 在他成为绿箭侠之前 You know, before he was the Green Arrow, 他很怕黑 he actually used to be really afraid of the dark, 他会在卧室留个夜灯 and he needed a nightlight in his bedroom 直到差不多16岁 till he was, like, what, six--16? 那不是夜灯 我... It was not a nightli-- I was--来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/Arrow-06-16-2.html