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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第09集 第09期

贾斯汀·克莱伯恩 你说的除掉是指干掉吗 By took him down, you mean killed, right? 是的 Yeah. 在克莱伯恩死后 After Claybourne's death, 他的公司也瓦解了 his company went down. 他没有任何家人能继承公司产业 He had no other family members to leave it to. 但是四年后 普罗米修斯还在用达克塞尔 Still, Prometheus using dycloseral 这不可能是个巧合 4 years after the fact can't be a coincidence. 但是这的确传递了信息 It does send the message. 什么信息 What message? 我还活着 我会来找你的 "I'm alive, ?and I'm coming after you." 你认为普罗米修斯就是贾斯汀·克莱伯恩 You think Prometheus is Justin Claybourne? 怎么可能 How's that possible? 在我们这里 人都死了 In our town, people who are dead turn out 但是到最后 每周三都还秘密地活着 to be secretly alive almost every Wednesday. 有力的证明 旧克莱伯恩制造厂 Case in point, the old Claybourne Manufacturing Plant 使用情况报告 在过去几个月里 reports heavy usage of water and power 报告了水电的大量使用情况 over the last few months. 这也不能证明就是克莱伯恩 Doesn't mean it's Claybourne. 值得去一探究竟 It's worth checking out. 着装准备 Suit up. -我们进来了 -收到 - We're in. - Copy. 破烂王 到达指定点了吗 Ragman, are you in position? 如果他在这里 他是跑不掉的 If he's in there, he's not getting out. 没有我的指令 谁也不能行动 Nobody makes a move until I give the order. 收到 Got it. 他说不要行动 Hey. He said don't make a move. 但是他知道我从来不听他的话 Yeah, but he knows I never listen to him. 可能会有发现 That could be something. 你继续行动 我去看看 You keep moving. I'll check it out. -掩护我 -已经在执行 - Overwatch. - Already on it. 正在追踪传感器的传动装置 Tracking the transmission from the sensors now. 这么快 That was fast. 不 这不可能 No. That was impossible. 是他让我进去 He's letting me in. 别去 你要撤退 这样不安全 No. You need to pull back. It's not safe. 未上锁 第56门 五年了 他还是不听我说 5 years, and he still doesn't listen. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/Arrow-05-09-9.html