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专业四级英语听力120篇 第47期:啦啦队 Cheerleading

Cheerleading 啦啦队 Cheerleaders are part of athletic competitions throughout the United States. 啦啦队是美国运动比赛的一部分, They lead the crowd in cheering for the team it likes best. 引领着观众为他们最喜欢的球队欢呼呐喊。 Most cheerleaders in the early years were men. 早期的啦啦队成员大多是男的。 That changed during World War II,when large numbers of young men left the country to fight. 二战期间,大批男青年奔赴战场。 From that time on, more than 90% of cheerleaders have been female. 自那时起,啦啦队超过90%的成员是女的。 Today most American high schools include cheerleading among their student athletic activities. 如今大多数美国高中的体育活动中都包括啦啦队。 The cheerleaders must be in good physical condition. 啦啦队队员必须要有良好的身体素质, They must be able to jump high, turn circles in the air and lift each other. 她们必须能够跳得很高,在空中转圈并且能够互相举起对方。 Many girls attend cheerleading camps in the summer to improve their skills and learn new moves. 很多女孩在夏天参加啦啦队营地去提高她们的技巧并学习新的动作。 Some people say cheerleading is not a sport because it does not have unified rules. 有些人说啦啦队不是一种运动,因为它没有统一的规则。 Rules for competitions among cheerleading teams are different,depending on the group organizing the contest. 在啦啦队团队间的比赛规则是不同的,这取决于组织比赛的团体。 However, cheerleading is an athletic activity requiring physical skill,and cheerleaders add to the excitement of an athletic event. 然而,啦啦队擅长多种高难度的体操技巧。而且啦啦队的表演为比赛增色不少。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580671.html