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BBC纪录片佛教宝地 第08期:尼泊尔最大的佛塔

There are some people here who will tell you that buried deep in that stupa is a fragment of the Buddha's bone. 这里会有人告诉你佛陀舍利就深埋在这座佛塔下。 Now, I'm not certain that we're going to be able to prove that, but what is sure is that this is the biggest stupa in the whole of Nepal and one of the largest in the world. 我不确定我们是否能够证实它,但可以肯定的是,这里确实是全尼泊尔最大的佛塔。同时也是世界上最大的佛塔之一。 And it is immensely impressive, but do you know what's significant about it, actually is not how it looks but what it means, 这里令人印象极深,但这座佛塔的意义并非是宏伟的外观,而在于深远的内涵。 because this was built to represent something very special. 因为它是为代表非常特殊的事物而建造的。 For the men who created this, this was nothing less than incarnation of the Buddha's mind. 对佛塔的建造者来说,这座佛塔即是佛陀意志的化身。 The symbolism of the stupa is very interesting, because it takes the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and space. 这座佛塔的运用的象征符号非常有趣,因为它包含了土、水、火、风、空五大元素。 You know, different shapes that represent those, and they put them in an ideal aesthetic form. 每种元素用不同的形状表示,人们把它们排列成一种理想中的美学形式。 And so the idea is that the Buddha's mind is the awareness that the universe is the ideal environment for the human being to achieve freedom from suffering. 而这种理想便是佛陀的觉悟:大千世界正是人类脱离苦难,获得自在的理想环境。 Around the Buddha gathered men who shared with him a common vision and goal. 在佛陀四周,环坐着一群有共同愿景和目标的人。 Gradually, this group came to be a formalized community, a body that took its name from the old aristocratic councils of the day. The Sangha. 这个群体逐渐成为正式的团体,并得到了一个源于旧时贵族议会的名称——僧伽。 The Buddhist Sangha became a monastic tradition, comprising ordained monks and nuns. 佛教僧伽成为一种修行传统,由受戒的僧尼构成。 And it's one of the three jewels of Buddhism. 而这也就是佛教的三宝之一,即僧宝。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580665.html