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BBC纪录片佛教宝地 第07期:闻名尼泊尔的歌尼

At the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the many people who come to circumambulate and to pay their respects to the Buddha is Ani Choying, a Buddhist nun famous throughout Nepal for her sweet singing voice. 在众多来博达哈绕塔,向佛陀表达敬意的人之中,有一位叫做阿尼琼英的比丘尼。她以甜美的歌声闻名全尼泊尔。 She is, in fact, known as the singing nun. 实际上,她是一位著名的歌尼。 This is a very highly spiritual place, we consider. 我们将这里视为非常崇高的精神之所。 It's a holy place. 这是一处圣地。 And we believe that all the great relics of the Buddha's are in the stupa and it holds a very special religious spot. 而且我们相信这座塔里保存着佛祖的所有圣骨,这使它成为非常特别的宗教场所。 And every people who come around here are always reciting mantras and really focusing on meditation. 每位来此拜访的人总是吟诵着经文,而且真的专注于冥想。 They do the circumambulation, prostration, to keep the physical healthy, and the mind, to be energy clean, 他们绕塔而行,五体投地,以保持肉体的健康和心灵力量的纯净。 chanting mantras as well as doing prayers, so trying to put yourself in a very good, positive discipline. 在祈祷时吟诵经文,努力把自己投入到至善、积极的自律中。 This is a very, very highly blessed place. 这是一处得到神灵极大护佑的福地。 Ani is originally from Tibet. 阿尼最早从西藏来到这里。 Thousands of Tibetan Buddhists now live in Nepal as refugees. 当今,成千上万的藏族佛教徒作为流民生活在尼泊尔。 The brand of Buddhism here is as much Tibetan As It Is Nepalese. 佛教的印记在西藏和尼泊尔同样深刻。 Flexibility and diversity has always been one of Buddhism's strengths. 灵活性和多元化一直以来都是佛教的优点。 The Buddha himself said there should be no one official Buddhist language. 佛陀亲口说过,佛教不应该有“官方语言”。 Instead, Buddhists are encouraged to focus on the universal relevance of the Buddha's wisdom. 相反地,他鼓励佛教徒专注于佛陀智慧的共通性。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580664.html