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BBC纪录片《中国老师来了》 第08期:惩罚英国学生

I kind of find, the stricter the teacher, the more you want to 'misbehave, 我慢慢发现,老师态度越严厉,学生就越想捣乱 kind of thing, because I think it's quite funny.' 因为我觉得这很好笑 I like the feeling of your adrenaline when you, like, push past boundaries and you get in trouble. 我喜欢那种当你越界惹上麻烦时,肾上腺素上升的感觉 I think it's quite, kind of gets your adrenaline pumping, it's quite exciting. 我觉得你会亢奋起来,感觉很刺激 And it's Sophie who gets the first taste of Chinese discipline. 苏菲成了第一个领教中国惩罚的学生 Excuse me. Hey, excuse me, you. 不好意思。说你呢 Sophie. Can you, please, come here? 苏菲,你能过来一下吗 Now you're going to... Come here, you're going to swap, please. 现在你要,过来,我们来换位置 Oh, you're joking. I didn't do anything. 你开玩笑吧,我没做什么 In Chinese schools, detentions and exclusions are rare. 在中国的学校,留校和单独惩罚十分少见 Most Chinese students won't risk the shame and embarrassment of being singled out by a teacher. 大多数中国学生不会铤而走险,被老师拎到全班面前丢脸 Stop talking. Sh. 别说话了 OK, now, I would like you to watch this. 现在,我想让大家看看 Yes, reactions are, in this case... 这样产生的反应是... Why are you talking...keep talking? 你为什么还说话 Do I have to every time tell you? Do I have to? 我得每次都提醒你吗?是不是 Can you stand there, please? Stand there. 请你站到那去。站在那 Shall I take my book? No. 我要拿书吗?不用 Right... Erm,so reactions in, in this case is nitrogen and hydrogen. 好了。所以发生反应生成氮气和氢气 Face the wall. 面朝墙 I think they try to embarrass you a little bit, 我觉得他们想让你难堪一下 I think they try to make you think that you won't want to do it again 让你觉得。如果你再那样做的话 because you would have just got in trouble in front of the whole class, kind of thing, 你就会再次像今天那样,在全班同学面前出丑 but you don't, you don't feel like that, you find it funnier. 但是你不会这样认为,你会觉得这样更好玩了 She could have told me off before she flipping, like, moved me. 她在把我叫出来之前本可以先说我两句的 Didn't give me much of a warning, did she? 但她都没有先警告我一下 They've got this discipline that probably works in China, 这样管束纪律可能在中国管用 cause everyone does what the teachers say, it doesn't work here because no-one really cares. 因为每个人都听老师的,在这里却不灵,因为大家都不在意 Everyone just finds it hilarious. 每个人只是觉得这样好玩而已 ..is turned back to hydrogen and nitrogen as well. So... 被重新转变成了氢和氮,所以.. I don't get embarrassed, I don't think, cause you know everyone in the class. 我一点都不觉得尴尬,因为全班同学都认识 So, I think it's a bit ridiculous. 所以,我觉得这有点不可理喻 Can you... Can you stay this side, please? 你来这边站着好吗 Right, you two stay there for the time being. 好,你们俩暂时先在那里 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580663.html