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BBC纪录片《中国老师来了》 第07期:中式科学课

In the Bohunt science labs, there's also a very British emphasis on self-discovery. 博航特科学实验室同样高度重视自我探索的重要性 We don't tend to show them the practical methods, usually. 我们一般不会直接告诉他们问题的解决方法 Because for a scientist, it's all about trying to find out the method yourself, erm, 因为作为一名科学家,自己找到解决办法是很关键的 and even though we give them some instructions, 即便我们提供给他们一些指导 they still get it wrong anyway, 他们仍然会犯错 and that's what science is all about, 科学就是这么一回事 getting it wrong and then correcting it, and finding the way to do it. 反复犯错,然后修正,最后找到正确的方法 Put your hands up if you successfully managed to get some iron. 成功得到铁的同学请举手 Can you put your hands up if that was with the help of Jordan's team? 如果是乔丹那一队帮你做的,请举手 The Chinese approach to science is very different. 中式探索科学的方法则完全不同 Class begins. 上课 Stand up. 起立 Good afternoon, everybody. 同学们下午好 Good afternoon. 下午好 Sit down, please. 请坐 OK - reversible reactions. 好了,可逆反应 Excuse me, you're talking. 那位同学,你在讲话 Shall we listen? 请专心听课好吗 I'm not going to talk until you stop talking. 你们再说话我就不讲课了 That's so cute. She reminds me of my nan. 她那样子好可爱,让我想起了我奶奶 Miss Yang has 15 years' experience as a teacher in China and the UK, 杨老师在中国和英国有十五年的教学经验 but for this project she's sticking rigidly to the Chinese way. 但为了这个项目,她固执地选择了中式的教学方法 I don't use the science equipment very often, 我平时不经常使用这些科学仪器 I deliver the knowledge and I write on the board in a very traditional fashion. 我传授知识,然后写在黑板上,都是用十分传统的方式 Chemically bonded with these copper sulphate molecules. 与这些硫酸铜分子形成化学键 It's all done in books and papers and note takings. 所有教学过程都通过书本和做笔记完成 Cos I can go fast, deliver quickly in a very structured manner. 因为这样我可以条理清楚地快速完成教学工作 OK. Sh. 好了,别说话 But for the Chinese method to work, 但如果采用中式教学方法 the kids need to pay complete attention - a tall order for 50 British teenagers. 孩子们需要完全集中精力,对于五十个英国中学生来说这显然不太可能 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580662.html