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经济学人:一周要闻 中美贸易战打响 全球股市恐慌

The world this week 一周要闻 Business 商业 The prospect of an all-out trade war between America and China became real. 美国和中国之间爆发全面贸易战的可能性变成了现实。 Donald Trump said he would impose tariffs on $50bn of Chinese goods, because Beijing was not dealing with American complaints about stealing intellectual property. 唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)表示,他将对价值500亿美元的中国商品征收关税,因为中国政府没有处理美国有关窃取知识产权的投诉。 China responded in kind by announcing penalties on $50bn of American goods, which prompted Mr Trump to threaten to levy additional tariffs on goods worth $400bn. 中国作出了类似的回应,宣布对价值500亿美元的美国商品进行处罚,这促使特朗普威胁要对价值4000亿美元的中国商品征收额外的关税。 Global stockmarkets took fright at the trade news, none more so than in China. The Shanghai Composite fell by 4% in a day to its lowest level in 20 months. The Shenzhen Composite dropped by 6%. Yi Gang, the governor of the People’s Bank of China, said investors should “stay calm and rational”. The central bank pumped 200bn yuan ($31bn) into financial institutions, followed by a smaller intervention, to ensure they remain liquid. 全球股市因贸易消息而恐慌,中国亦是如此。上证综合指数一天内下跌4%,跌至20个月以来的最低水平。深证综合指数下跌了6%。中国央行行长易纲表示,投资者应该“保持冷静和理性”。中国央行向金融机构注资2000亿元人民币(合310亿美元),然后再进行小规模干预,以确保它们保持流动性。 Oil prices swung up and down in part because of China’s plan to target tariffs at American energy supplies. 油价上下波动,部分原因是中国计划对美国能源供应征收关税。 Investors were also jittery ahead of an OPEC meeting on June 22nd to discuss whether to increase oil production after an 18-month freeze in output. 在6月22日召开的欧佩克会议上,投资者们也在紧张地讨论是否在18个月的产量冻结后增加石油产量。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580637.html