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美剧《美少女的谎言》第06季4集 第09期:抑郁

Aria found it. 艾瑞亚找到了 So did he commit suicide or was he released? 他自杀了还是出院了 I don't know. It doesn't say, there's.. 不知道 上面没写 里面 there's no paperwork or entries past his 16th birthday. 里面没有他16岁生日后的文档或记录了 What? That can't be everything. 什么 不可能只有这些 No, it's not. It's just from ages 13 to 16. 只有这些 只记录了13到16岁 That's all I could find on him. 只能找到他的这些资料 Well, what's the last thing written in there? 好吧 里面最后写了什么 His doctor recommending an increase in his medication 他的医生建议增加一种药的量 something called Xylotrol. 叫什么赛乐托 It's for severe depression. 治疗重度抑郁的 Wait. Here's his visitors log. 慢着 这里有他的探视记录 There's only two people on it. 上面只有两个人 Alison's mom and someone named Carol Ward. 艾莉森的妈妈和一个叫卡罗尔·沃德的人 Carol is, um, Alison's great aunt. 卡罗尔是艾莉森的大姨妈 Well, if she visited Charles 如果她探视过查尔斯 she must know what happened to him. 肯定知道他怎么了 - She can't help us. - Why not? -她帮不了我们 -为什么 Because she died when we were in tenth grade. 因为我们上高一的那年她就去世了 Okay, just check the rest of these boxes. 好吧 检查一下其它几个箱子 Make sure that we haven't missed anything. 确保我们没漏掉什么 Go, go. 快走 快走 重点解释: 1.the rest of 其余的 例句:The rest of the eggs have gone bad. 其余的鸡蛋都变质了。 2.from ... to 从 ... 到 例句:How long does it take to fly from here to Japan? 、 从这里飞到日本要多久? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180810/580563.html