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专业四级英语听力120篇 第45期:苏格兰新年 A Scottish New Year

A Scottish New Year 苏格兰新年 If you're invited to a Scottish home on New Year's Eve, 要是你新年除夕受邀到苏格兰人家做客, it's important to know what to bring with you: 带上以下的这些东西是非常重要的: a lump of coal, some shortbread and some whisky. 一块煤,一些奶油甜酥饼和威士忌酒。 The coal signifies warmth, 煤块代表温暖, so you're wishing that the people you visit will have enough heat in the coming year. 即祝福主人家在接下来的一年里过上温暖的生活。 The shortbread represents food, 奶油甜酥饼代表食物, so you're hoping that the people will have enough to eat. 即希望主人家不愁吃。 And whisky was called "the water of life" by Scots, 威士忌被苏格兰人称为“生命之水”, so it means you want the hosts to have enough to drink. 送上威士忌就意味着你祝福主人家不愁喝。 There is one more key task you still have to perform as a guest. 身为客人还有一个要点必须要记牢, The first person to knock on a neighbour's door is supposed to be a tall, dark, handsome man. If you are, you'll bring good luck to the household. 假如你是又高又黑的帅小伙子,第一个敲主人家的门会给他们带来好运。 But if that's not you, don't ring the bell just yet.Wait for a while and the right person is bound to turn up soon! 否则,你只能等合适的人出现,然后再进门。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180809/580401.html