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BBC纪录片佛教宝地 第06期:佛教三宝

Here at Boudhanath, I am going to find out more about the three jewels of Buddhism. 我将在博德纳这里探寻更多有关佛教三宝的内容。 Buddhism consists, as far as Buddhists are concerned, in three things which they call the three jewels. 就佛教徒而言,佛教由三样内容构成,他们称为“三宝”。 Those three things are closely connected. 这三宝是紧密联系在一起的。 The first is the Buddha, the founder of their religion. 第一“Buddha”,佛宝,即佛教的创立者佛陀。 The second is called the Sangha, and that is the community of monks and nuns. 第二“Sangha”,“僧宝”(译者:僧宝应该排第三才是)指的是僧尼这个群体。 The third is called the Dharma. 第三“Dharma”,“法宝”(译者:法宝应排第二)。 The Dharma refers to the preaching, the teaching of the Buddha. “法”指的是佛陀的布道和教义。 In other words, it's what the Buddha discovered and it's also the truth. 换句话说,就是佛陀所悟之道,也是真理。 As you walk around the Boudhanath, here, you always have this sense that you are being watched. 当你环绕博德纳佛塔行走时,你总会有种感觉,仿佛有什么在看着你。 And that's because the Buddha's all-seeing eyes are always staring down at you. 那是因为能洞悉万物的佛眼一直从上方注视着你。 That squiggle in the middle of his face, incidentally, is not his nose. 顺便说下,他面部中间的那道波纹不是鼻子。 It's actually the Sanskrit character for the number "one", to represent a kind of unity in the Buddhist faith. 实际上是梵文的数字“一”,用来代表佛教信仰某种的和谐统一。 Something you won't find represented up there are the Buddha's ears, and there is a particular reason for that. 在那上面你找不到佛的耳朵,这是有特别原因的。 We are told that the Buddha said he never wanted to hear that he was being worshipped. 据说佛陀曾经说过,他不想听到人们对他的崇拜赞美之辞。 And of course, that is what is so unique about Buddhism - this is a religion without a central authority figure. 当然,这也就是佛教独一无二的特点:这是一种没有至高权威人物的宗教。 Instead there's just this credo that man is his own lord and master, that mankind itself can control humanity's destiny. 相反,佛教的信条是人人都是自己的主宰。人类自己可以把握自己的命运。 It's not atheistic, because they do believe in the existence of, sort of, Gods and angels and so on. 这并非无神论,因为佛教徒确信有某种神灵和神使的存在。 But they simply don't believe that those beings have the universe under control, and therefore they cannot save us from suffering. 只是他们不相信这些神拥有掌控宇宙万物的权力。因此他们不能把众生从苦难中解救出来。 They themselves need saving from suffering from a future time when they cease being gods and they become beings that are vulnerable to pain and suffering. 未来有一天他们不再为神时,他们将成为在苦难痛楚中煎熬的脆弱生灵。他们也同样需要救赎。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180809/580395.html