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BBC纪录片佛教宝地 第05期:加德满都的博德纳佛塔

As Buddhism's travelled through the centuries, perhaps inevitably, it's taken on more the aspects of a religion, 随着几个世纪的传播,佛教不可避免地呈现出更多宗教元素, with temples and pilgrims and a religious hierarchy. 比如寺庙、朝圣者和宗教等级制度。 You could be forgiven for mistaking Buddhism as one of the great, god-driven faiths of the world, but there is a key difference. 可以理解,有人会误认为佛教是一种由神主导的宗教信仰。但这里有个关键的差异。 By putting such an emphasis on a system of personal morality and breaking with the conventions and traditions and rituals of the past, in many ways, the Buddha was one of those men who gave us the modern world. 通过强调个人道德观的体系,以及破除传统习俗,放弃旧仪式等方式,在许多方面看来,佛陀是将我们带入现代社会的引路人之一。 And although he never denied that there were gods, he simply said you don't have to rely on the gods to make everything OK. 而且他从未否认神的存在,他只是说你不必依赖神来使自己诸事顺利。 According to Buddhist sources, having seeded a radical new world view, the Buddha died at the age of 84. 根据佛教典籍,在给这种颠覆的全新世界观播下种子以后,佛陀在84岁时圆寂。 His body was cremated, but his bones remained unburned. 他的肉身被火化,但他的骨骸却保留下来。 They were distributed amongst the various tribes, rulers and kingdoms, who are now starting to follow the Buddhist way, and who honoured its founder by building monuments, or stupas, over his remains. 佛骨舍利分散到不同的部落和国家,而他们现在都开始遵循佛教之路,并设碑立塔供奉佛骨舍利,以此来向这位佛教创立者表示崇敬。 In Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, stands The Boudhanath Stupa, our second wonder of the Buddhist world. 矗立在尼泊尔首都加德满都的博德纳佛塔,是我们探访的的第二个佛教世界圣地。 It was first built in the 5th or early 6th centuries AD, then rebuilt and restored a number of times, 它最初建于公元五世纪或六世纪初,后历经数次重建和修复, finally as this giant, enclosed tomb in the 14th century. 最终在14世纪建成为巨大的封闭式陵墓。 It is the largest in the Indian subcontinent, a sacred place for thousands of Buddhists throughout the world. 这是印度次大陆上最大的佛塔,是全世界佛教信众心中的圣地。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180809/580394.html