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BBC纪录片《中国老师来了》 第06期:第一节数学课

It's time for Chinese school to get serious. 中式学校动真格的时候来了 The first lesson is maths. 第一节是数学课 Class begins. 上课 In the international league tables, 在国际竞赛名次表上 British schools rank poorly in maths, 英国学校的数学排名很惨 lagging behind many European and Asian countries, especially China. 落后于许多其他欧洲国家和亚洲国家,尤其是中国 The gradient of the code equals delta Y over delta X, right. 斜率等于△y/△x,好了 34-year-old Zou Hailian teaches at a prestigious school in Hangzhou in Eastern China. 34岁的邹海连在中国东部杭州的一所名校教书 OK, minus nine equals zero, right. 好,减9等于0。好了 Because in China, maths is the most important subject 在中国,数学是最重要的学科 and you don't have a choice, you have to learn maths. 你别无选择,必须学数学 Maths is the main way to test your intelligence. 数学是测试智力的主要方法 Mr Zou's class moves through the maths curriculum at breakneck speed. 邹先生的班级,上数学课的速度令人窒息 He even teaches in English to give his students a competitive edge in a global marketplace. 他甚至用英语教学,目的在于让学生们在国际市场上都有竞争优势 You compare this point, A, right. 比较这一点A His dedicated students absorb, 全神贯注的学生们在吸收, understand and memorise information he delivers from the front of the class. 理解并记忆他在前面讲授的知识 Three, nine, OK. 3,9,好了 So, remember, it's cos of X equals A over H. 记住,cosX等于A/H In Bohunt School, they take a more progressive view. 博航特学校采用的是更先进的教学理念 Kids are separated into classes of different abilities. 孩子们被分到不同能力的班级中 Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and discuss their work. 人们鼓励学生提问,讨论任务 And by British standards, the school achieves excellent results. 按英国的标准,学校取得了显著的成果 OK, so, from there... 好,从这... Head of Maths Pete Whitworth reckons his class will match anything the Chinese teachers can produce. 数学主任皮特·惠特沃斯认为他的班级可以与中国老师能教出的任何班级相比 I am confident in the British system, 我对英国教育系统很有信心 I'm very confident in my own department, 我对自己的这科很有信心 and that they deliver very, very good lessons. 他们的课程质量非常高 Equals 4.2 divided by cos 48. 等于4.2除以cos48 You know, that's because our classes are smaller 因为我们的课堂人数更少 and, you know, they're set, 学生都是固定的 so we can teach to their ability. 所以我们能提高他们的能力 You still haven't done the surface area yet, though. 你还没算出表面面积 So, I think in terms of progress - 所以在取得进步方面 I think students' in the British system will probably do better, I hope they do... 在英国教育体制下的学生也许会表现得更好,但愿如此... Otherwise I've got a new job. 不然我得换份新工作了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180809/580393.html