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Newly appointed foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted to a “terrible mistake” after desCRIbing his Chinese wife as Japanese during his first diplomatic mission to Beijing. 英国新上任的外交部大臣杰里米·亨特第一次来北京进行外交任务,不小心把自己的中国老婆说成了日本老婆,随后便承认自己犯了个严重的错误。 Mr Hunt, who succeeded Boris Johnson earlier this month, may have hoped his personal connection to China through his wife, Lucia, would have aided his efforts to forge strong links with his Chinese counterparts. 亨特先生在本月的早些时候接任鲍里斯强森,表示希望通过自己的中国老婆露西亚来,能够建立和中国的良好关系。 But in a meeting with officials from the Beijing government, Mr Hunt said: "My wife is Japanese ... my wife is Chinese."To laughter in the room, he added: "Sorry, that's a terrible mistake to make." 但是在一次和中国政府官员的会面上,亨特先生说了句:“我的老婆是日本人。。。我的老婆是中国人。在会议室里引起一阵哄笑,他接着补充说:“很抱歉,我犯了个大错。” "My wife is Chinese and my children are half-Chinese and so we have Chinese grandparents who live in Xian and strong family connections in China," he added, referring to the ancient city of Xian in northern China.His remarks came after he hailed UK-China relations, claiming the two countries were both “major powers with a global perspective” ahead of talks with the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi.No-deal scenario could happen 'by accident', says Jeremy Hunt “我的老婆是中国人,我的孩子们也是半个中国人,在中国西安住着孩子的外祖父、外祖母,在中国我的家庭情节很深。中国北方城市西安是一个古老的城市。此前他和中国外交部长王毅就中英的两国关系称,两个国家都是“具有全球性眼光的大国”。两国互不交易的情况是不可能发生的。 “The UK-China strategic dialogue is an important opportunity to intensify our cooperation on shared challenges in international affairs, ranging from global free trade to non-proliferation and environmental challenges, under the UK-China global partnership and ‘Golden Era’ for UK-China relations.” “中英战略对话是一个契机,中英国际合作关系和中英关系进入“黄金年代”的背景下,能够在国际事务面临的挑战,从全球自由贸易,不扩散核武器还有环境问题等方面开展紧密合作。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180808/580002.html