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AMC and Channel 4 sci-fi drama Humans is being remade in China after Endemol Shine China partnered with local producer Croton Media. 美国AMC电视台和英国电视4台合作的科幻剧《真实的人类》将在中国翻拍,此前Endemol Shine China(电视节目制作公司及发行商)与当地制片商克顿传媒在合作。 Chinese stars Ray Ma and Stephy Qi are fronting the local Mandarin-language remake, which has just begun filming in Shanghai. 中国影星马天宇和戚薇将出演中国普通话翻拍版,该片刚刚在上海开拍。 Kudos, which produces the UK version of the drama, and Matador, which produced the original Swedish series, are also working on the series. 该剧的英国版制片公司Kudos和瑞典原创电视制作公司Matador也在筹备这部剧。 Humans is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar in appearance to human beings. 人类被设定在一个平行世界中,任何忙碌的家庭都必须拥有的最新设备是一个“Synth”——一个高度发达的机器人仆人,其外貌与人类惊人地相似。 Set in the fictional year 2035, when technology, in particular artificial intelligence will infiltrate and influence every aspect of daily existence, the series will keep the sinister, thrilling and emotional narrative of the original English-language version, while exploring the rapidly evolving relationship between humanity and technology. 故事背景被设定在2035年,科技,尤其是人工智能将渗透并影响日常生活的各个方面,这部剧将按邪恶的,激动人心的和富有情感的原始英文版叙述展开,探索人类和科技之间的瞬息万变。 William Tan, Managing Director of Endemol Shine China, says, “Humans marks our first sCRIpted formats partnership deal with a local partner in China and having enlisted both UK and Chinese writers it’s truly a collaborative venture. Endemol Shine China的常务董事William Tan谈到:“该剧意味着我们首次与中国合作伙伴签署剧本合作协议,英国和中国的编剧都有参与创作,这是一次真正的合作。 Sci-fi drama is an under represented genre across the region and we really believe that this new take will set a new trend and that Endemol Shine China will continue to be the leader in creativity and innovation, making unique offerings to the market.” 科幻片是该地区代表性较弱的影片,我们真的相信,这一新的题材将会开创一个新的趋势,并且Endemol Shine China将继续成为创新创意的领导者,为市场提供独特的影片。“ 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180807/579697.html