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沛沛英语MP3 第八盒[下]

U236 Try doing your best next time. Try making a better arrangement. Try being quiet. But I'll at lest have to try it. I'm sure you'll pass, try. At least let me have a good try. Give it a try and see if you like it. Let's try one more time to reach the top of the mountain. U237 He's as regular as a clock. work. I'm just as poor as a church mouse. He's as snaky as a fox. She's always as busy as a bee. She's as cheerful as a lark. He's as cunning as a fox. She's as vain as a peacock. You're as deaf as a post. U238 There is a gentleman asking for you. Everything you ask for is ready. We ask for the cooperation of all concerned. Matter asks for immediate attention. I'll phone them to ask for the information. You're asking for a cold. He asked for it. He never asks for pities from others. U239 The future of the world belongs to you. The house belongs to my company. He belonged to the 18-century school. The star belongs to the night, my heart belongs to you. You don't belong in the beginner class. I belong in my country not in New York. What these things belong? The lamp belongs on that table. U240 Christmas is near. Don't go far away, stay near somewhere. How near the sea from here! Don't stand so near the train. It's convenient living near the station. The examination is near a hand. Always have a dictionary near the hand. Fortunately the baby mother is near the hand. U241 Would it be a real benefit to me? Children are still young, so the book isn't benefit to them. It'll prove a great benefit to you. I received no personal benefit We develop trade with you for bilateral benefit. The factory will be a benefit to our city. Industry will bring many benefits to our national economy. The money will be used for the benefit of the poor. U242 You must face up to life. You should learn to face up to difficulties. He won't face up to the truth that he is old. People have to face up to the facts. There are many dangers you have to face up to. I dear not face up to these realities. This is what you have to face up to. I'll face up to the trouble that I made. U243 You must pay attention to what I say. Pay attention to what you are doing. I shout to attract the attentions of the children. The question has arrest the public attention. Don't let your attention wonder. I mean to draw your attention to the following questions. Don't let the TV distract your attention. Thanks for your attention. U244 Let me give you an example first. I'll cite an example here. For example, cameras made in Japan. The poem is a good example. I'll take my father as an example. He's is good example for other children to follow. Take my brother for example; he's an excellent singer. The proverb says a good example is the best sermon. U245 This is the day to be remembered. I remembered I was always very jealous of his acting. I remember you play the piano beautifully. I still remember our going to school hand by hand. I remember telling you that. I'll remember your kindness to my family. Remember to mail the letter. Yes, remember it now. U246 Hold down please, Mrs. Long will speak to you. Please hold down a moment. If you hold down a moment, I'll get him for you. Hold down there, I don't know who you are. Hold down, I'll send for a doctor. Hold down, you'll be all right. Hold down, you'll be more fit. I can't hold down without somebody's assistance. U247 I can hardly believe my eyes. I can't believe my eyes. I can hardly believe what I heard. I can't believe what I hear. Christians believe in Jesus, but I believe in myself. I believe in Darwinism. I believe this principle to be universally true. I don't believe any words that anybody says. U248 It needs to be fixed. My shoes need to be mended. They need to be polished. May car needs to be serviced. My suit looks awful, it needs dry cleaning. Maybe it needs new batteries. This chapter needs to be rewritten. The work needs to be done carefully. U249 Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong; she's my younger sister. Don't get me wrong, I mean I've seen one more beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I'm just thinking of it. Don't get me wrong; I just want to help you. You got me wrong, I just wanted to have a look. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to CRIticize you. Don't get me wrong., I was just kidding. U250 You should take advantage of it. Let's take advantage of it and go running. I took advantage of the moment and escaped. I'll take advantage of the fine weather to go swimming. The people are taking advantage of his position. Don't let people take advantage of your innocence. He took advantage of people's good nature. I guess he's going to take advantage of me. U251 It's out of the question. Going to the movie is out the question. It's out of the question to leave the country without a passport. It's out of the question to buy anything without money. Mire's return to the team is out of the question. Finding a new job is out of the question these days. Sunday is unfortunately out of the question It's out of the question; he isn't the best person for the job. U252 Doctors enjoy high social status. I'll be enjoying it for a while. I hope you you'll enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself, please. There must be something she enjoys. I really enjoyed it very much. This is the kind of song I enjoy. I enjoyed the every minute of it. U253 Get rid of it. Get rid of the old furniture. It has to be got rid of. You must get rid of your Chinglish No, I got rid of it. You should get rid of things that worry you. You might as well get rid of that fellow. You need a through rest to get rid of your sleepiness. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180717/574433.html