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沛沛英语MP3 第七盒[下]

U198 There is a sharp bend on the roads. After storm there will be a sharp drop in temperature. The factory presents a sharp contrast to one of the sort. Don't be so sharp to children. She is such a sharp girl. The new teacher is sharper than we have thought. The meeting starts at 11 sharp. I'm sorry that the pictures aren't sharp. U199 The affair isn't so easily settled. Is the day for department settled now? It's settled; it need not be talked about any more. I've got a affair to settle. I'll settle in the countryside after retirement. I'll like the coastal city, what a life to settle here. Don't talk to him until his excitement settled. We'll settle the problems as soon as possible. U200 He's very sensitive to religious topics. Don't be so sensitive, I was kidding. He's sensitive about his appearance. He's too sensitive about his family background. The artists are so sensitive to beautify. A baby's skin is too sensitive. The instrument is so sensitive, you use it carefully. My ears are sensitive like before. Unit 201--253 U201 I'll see to it. I have a lot of thing to see to it at noon.. I hope you'll see to the matter. Could you see to it for me? Ok, but get a mechanic to see to the brake. Have a see to. Please see to it that you are not late again. I'll see to it that it won't be any inconvenient to you. U202 We are going to broaden our business scope. Any words are outside the scope of the dictionary. All the related questions are within the scope of the book. Economics is beyond the scope of the child's mind. These terms are out of the scope the beginners. Let each one have a scope to show his capacity. The job gives my talent and abilities a full scope. Give the children creativities a wide scope. U203 This is the regular 16th century church. You are a lady with regular figure. But I'm not a regular lawyer. That's my regular work.. I'm just living in a regular way. You must have a regular diet. But your pulse is regular. What's the regular dress for such occasions? U204 It's big volume of his kindness. It's big volume of his training. The nice rose speaks volume of how much he misses you. He said nothing but his face spoke volume. It's big volume of his honesty. The trade volume declined sharply that year. The volume of passengers has reached the zenith point of the year. Would you please turn down the volume? U205 I read French, but I can't speak it.. My favorite interest is to read excellent books. I've been reading a good article. I'll get some magazines to read. Reading and talking. Would you please read the letter to me? I read it yesterday In the Newspaper. I read that a company is wanting designers. U206 The matter had better be left As It Is. You'd better wait until my system arrives. You'd better choose the other one. You'd better not smoke. You'd better make out a new design. You'd better meet her at the railway station. I'd better be going. I'd better have it thoroughly repaired. U207 I'll go further into the matter tomorrow. Before going any further I have a question. It's necessary to cut the cost down further. If I can be any further use, tell me please. I don't want to cause any further trouble. I've nothing further to tell you. There should be no further hesitation. Do you have any further questions to ask? U208 Maybe I can talk him to join us. Can I talk you to play with us for a moment? I'll talk him to play more. Maybe I can talk him to buy the house. He wants to talk me to buy it. I'll talk you to change your mind. Don't be talked to do anything you don't like. I'll talk him to stay a little longer. U209 The streets of the city are never silent. The fields of twilight are just so silent. The birds are keeping silent to listen to my songs. What a silent night! The old man was silent about his early life. Day seems to be unhappy, he's silent. Why are you so silent today? All the reports are silent about the sensitive question. U210 He quit studying to take a walk. Have you quit your past job for a better one? I've quit working and I've quit smoking. I quit because my salary is too low. I'm going to quit before next week. I won't quit because I know what it means to me. I'll quit here for a while. I would quit the cold place. U211 There seems to be no financial question. That's only a question of time. The most urgent issue is the question of unemployment. That's a question that would take a few minutes for me. To be or not to be, it remains a question. The question is whether you want a job by now. It's out of the question. That's quit out of the question. U212 That's what puzzles me. Something in Miller's voice puzzles me. His recent behavior puzzled me. All together I'm puzzled by the situation. I feel puzzled about what on earth he wants me to do. I'm puzzled about what to do next. I did feel puzzled about how to do it. That matter was puzzling me. U213 Shall we put off the picnic? I'm afraid we have to put it off. It'll be put off no more than one week. It doesn't matter if the task I don't like is put off. Never put it off till tomorrow what may be done today. I always seem to put things off to the last minute. We thought it would be put off until after the weekend. U214 May I speak to you privately? It's a sort of things one should talk about in private. You'd better not talk about your private affairs to strangers. I've got something private to tell you. It's unnecessary because that's private. I'm not interested in people's privacy. It's available for special private affairs. Plans for taking over was kept private. U215 I didn't catch what you said. Did you catch my meaning? It's easy to catch a cold in the winter. I'll catch up with you a moment later. I'll work harder to catch up after my illness. I'll run to catch the bus. I was caught in the traffic jam. Don't let me catch you doing that again. U216 It was cloudy morning, but it turned out fine. I thought it was difficult but turned out easy. How did your interview turn out? Do you think the crops will turn out well this year? The signature turned out to be forgery. But that didn't turn out like that. Everything turned out as desCRIbed. Let's see how the weather turns out. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180715/573940.html