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沛沛英语MP3 第七盒[上]

U180 I feel the same way. It makes me exhausted. I feel the same way, it makes me drunk. I feel the same way, I nearly quit my job. I felt the same way, that was my first time on the stage. I feel the same way, it's a waste of time. I feel the same way, Dad was my most missed. I feel the same way, I'll consider working here after graduation. U181 Is there anything I can do, count on me.. We count on tourism being the major resource of income. You can't count on the weather being fine. You can count on me doing my best. I can't count on having finished it by March. I was counting on seeing you the day after tomorrow. The team is counting on me to win the race. I'm counting on selling only 5000 copies. U182 The have no sense of justice. The child has a wide development music sense. I have a poor sense of direction. A sense of accomplishment often accompanies hard work. Maybe because I have a sense of humor. That increases your senses of safety. I have no sense of economics. The school opinion has no sense of beauty. U183 Sorry, I'm on duty tonight. Who are on duty today? Tomorrow when I'm off duty, I'll offer my help. I'll see my new duty next week.. I was CRIticized for ignoring my duties. He has a strong sense of duty. Everyone should do the duties for society. I had to take over the duties of other guy. U184 It doesn't make any difference. It makes no difference. It'll make no difference to me. Staying a day or two longer makes little difference. It does make a difference. It'll make a great difference if you are late. Of course, your being here will make a difference. Your support will certainly make a difference in my cause. U185 But the prices are too high. Compared with other products, our price is the most reasonable one. All sold the boats, at any price. In the long run you have to pay the price for it. We won the battle at the price of many lives. Good health is beyond price. It just arrives and hasn't been priced. The goods in the shop are priced much too high. U186 That's the way I look at it. Is that your way you look at it? You may look at things in that way but the society won't. I'll look at it in a different way. I won't look at such a small order. He looks at things from all sides. Get a carpenter to look at it. We won't look at any order under $3000. U187 What's your initial impression of China? She made a favorable impression on me. How do you get that impression? That's only my impression, I don't really know. The first impress is CRItical in the interview. She impresses me much with her grace dance. How did Washington impress you? He didn't impress me much. U188 The increase of prices is beyond control. He is wild, he's beyond. It is beyond reach of my knowledge. That question is beyond the reach of beginners. Your work is beyond all praise. The scenery is beautiful beyond desCRIption. The car was damaged beyond repair. The school has been expanded beyond recognition. Good advice is beyond all price. U189 Would you show me those pictures? Does the wound scar still show? Your happiness shows in your smile. I'll show you around to meet everyone. I don't like her, he love showing off. But she shouldn't always show off her knowledge of literature. The children have already showed me off last time. The investigation showed the inefficiency of management. U190 Be quiet, it made me sick. The teacher will be sick of my mistake. I'm sick of the routine work. The girl must be homesick He must be sick of failing the exam. You may be sick of eating too much. I felt sick when I the ship started. If I fall sick who will care for the business? U191 That sounds a wonderful idea. How sad Bluce sounds! It sounds like music when she speak. The music sounds so sweet. It sounds unpleasant when he's chewing. The story sounds so interesting. That sounds so silly to speak that way. Your ideas make you sound an optimist. U192 Reassure that I'll be here. Reassure that I'll do my best. You can reassure that everything will be tried. I'll not reassure about my son. Can you reassure that you son is abroad? Reassure that you'll receive it in two days. Reassure that I'll get everything prepared, Reassure that nothing will happen. U193 I'll try but I can't promise. I promise to finish it in 3 days. I'm sorry I've promised to others. When can I buy the toy gun you promised? Promise me that you go straight home after work. I must phone my family as I promised. You have to promise moon to people. This promises to be a pleasant evening. U194 The train is leaving in 5 minutes. Would you leave a message? Leave the TV on while I'm watching. Let's leave the matter until tomorrow. Perhaps we can leave it there. Can't we? I'd leave it alone if I were you. Then I'll have to leave it at that. It's better leave something unsaid. U195 He's very particular about what he eats. Don't be too particular about clothes. He is very particular about the design of product. That is he's very particular about details. Don't be too particular about others. She's too particular about manners. Actually she's particular about choosing friends. I'm very particular about color and style . U196 Saror is devoted to her children. Father devoted himself entirely to science. I'll devote myself to the love stories the whole afternoon. She devoted too much time to playing cards. Don't devote too much time to the selection of subject. I'll be devoted to music after my graduation. Will you devote yourself to teaching in the future? All my son's spare time is devoted to study. U197 The sight is really magnificent. The sunshine is the most beautiful sight. The great fall is the most wonderful sight. I can imagine what an astonishing sight of ocean is. We met at dance party, it was a lover at first sight. What a sight the room is after party. What a sight you are in those clothes. What a sight you are.. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180714/573679.html