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西部世界(Westworld) 第01季 第07集 第14期

窃取它的人只有你 You were the only one who was stealing it. 提洛公司控制接待员的思想 Delos owns the hosts' minds, 故事线 运作年限 the storylines, decades of work. 福特从不允许在园区外进行备份 Ford never allowed any of it to be backed up off-site. 这一切都不能被毁了 All of this could've been destroyed. 发生什么事会毁掉 In the event of what? 福特不能留 伯纳德 Ford is done, Bernard. 董事会纵容他太久了 The board has indulged him for long enough. 不能留他 He is done. 公司担心 The corporation was concerned 他离任时会毁掉园区的所有知识产物 he'd destroy all of the park's IP on his way out the door. 你觉得我会让他毁掉所有接待员 You think I would've let him destroy all of the hosts, 毁掉我们所有的作品吗 all of our work? 除了接待员的资料 还有很多东西危在旦夕 There's far more at stake here than the hosts' profiles. 你真以为公司的兴趣在于 Do you really think the corporation's interest here 游客扮演牛仔吗 are tourists playing cowboy? 我在这工作得越久 The longer I work here, 就越觉得自己了解接待员 the more I think I understand the hosts. 让我困惑的是人 It's the human beings who confuse me. 这栋楼不在任何园区勘测范围内 This building isn't in any survey of the park. 因为大部分勘测都是派接待员做的 That's because we use hosts to do most of the surveys. 他们的程序让他们忽略这里 They're programmed to ignore this place. 即便他们盯着这里看 They literally couldn't see it 也什么都看不到 if they were staring right at it. 那你说过的没有注册在案的接待员呢 And these unregistered hosts you told me about? 我不知道 I don't know. 可能被他转移了 He may have moved them. 门后是什么 What's behind this door? 哪有门 What door? 这是什么地方 What is this place? 这里是用来做远程诊断的 It's a remote diagnostic facility. 在乐园测试阶段 福特和他搭档用过 Ford and his partner used them when the park was in beta. 我不记得以前有这个 I had no idea this one was here. 这个房间肯定是后来建的 The cottage must've been built on top of it. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Westworld-01-07-14.html