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惩罚者(The Punisher) 第01季 第03集 第19期

-他们以为我们死了 -利伯曼 - I mean, they think we're dead. - Lieberman... 我不和人搭档 I don't do partners. 自己适应吧 Get over yourself. 现在没时间给你闹脾气 There's no place for emotion here, you know? 我们俩都有想要夺回来的东西 You and me have both done things that we would like to take back. 我们不行 We can't. 但我们不是坏人 他们才是 But we're not the bad guys here, they are. Right? 没错 Yeah. 生日快乐 不是吧 Shut up. 我爱我老婆 我爱我老婆 Oh, I love my wife. I love my wife. 收到了什么 What'd you get? 斯普林斯汀 在梅多兰兹开演唱会 Springsteen. Playing the Meadowlands. -等我回去 她给我买了票 -真棒 - Lady got me tickets for when I get back. HuhRight- Nice. -还有29天倒计时 -没错 伙计 - Yo, 29 days and counting, man. - That's right. You bet your ass. 你呢 比尔 What about you, Bill? 你有计划吗 You got plans? 当然了 我有计划 Yeah, yeah. I got some plans. 比利和美女 永远不会变 Billy the Beaut, huhSome things don't change. 你有没有想过 好好地和一个人过日子 You ever think about, maybe, quality over quantity? 挑一个中意的 安定下来 Pick a winner. Settle down. 上帝把我塑造成这样自有他的理由 God made me this way for a reason, bro. 如果不雨露均沾 那可是辜负了他 It'd be wrong not to share the wealth, -你明白我的意思吗 -雨露均沾 - you know what I'm saying- "Share the wealth." -你知道我们该干什么吗 -什么 - You know what we should do- What's that? 知道我们该干什么吗 Know what we should do? 弗兰克要回家给他孩子讲睡前故事了 Frank's gonna head home and read his kids a bedtime story. 稍息 At ease. 五分钟后准备报告 Need you gentlemen for a briefing. Five minutes. 长官 Sir. 这个地形说明 This terrain means... 我们要想降落在这附近 we won't be able to land near the compound 肯定会惊动敌人 所以我们降落在这里 without alerting the enemy, so we're gonna land here,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Punisher-01-03-19.html