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惩罚者(The Punisher) 第01季 第03集 第18期

你就喜欢现在这样 Puts you right where you want to be. 你说的是什么呢 And where is that, exactly? 单枪匹马 你对抗全世界 On your own. Riding cowboy. You against the world. 沃尔夫是你上司的时候你也这么和他说话吗 You speak to Wolf like this when he was your boss? 你就这么对我 That's what I get? 你来的时候惹了一身麻烦 You know, you came in here with a bug up your ass 带着一个没人想接的案子 about a case nobody wanted 还老是说"我们不是搭档" and all this "We're not partners" Stuff, -现在你希望我来保守你的秘密 -是的 - but now you want me to keep your secrets- Yeah. 有一件事...你没说错 You know... you were right about one thing. 信任 忠诚...必须由你自己赢得 Trust, loyalty... you gotta earn those. 斯泰因 塞姆 Stein. Sam. 等等 Wait. 放松 弗兰克 Easy now, Frank. 别这样 换我可不会这么做 Hey, don't do that. I wouldn't do that. 我不会...别乱动 I wouldn't... No swift move-- 不如先坐下来吧 Why don't you sit down? 喝杯咖啡 来吧 Have a cup of coffee. Come on. 该选择了 Time to choose. -你为什么不杀了我 -天啊 伙计 - Why didn't you kill me- Oh, my God, man. 我说的话你都听不进去吗 You didn't listen to anything that I said? 天啊 你真是我见过最固执... Oh, my God. You gotta be the most stubborn... 我为什么没杀你 天啊 Why didn't I kill youJesus. -密码 -我关掉了 - The codes. - Turned that off. 正如你所说 规律 模式 You know, it's like you said. Routines, rightPatterns. 天啊 Jesus Christ. 他们会让我们形成 They lull us into a sense of, 常识 误以为安全的状态 uh, normality, a false sense of security. 我们就不会质疑 We cease to question. -就算是你这样的人 -你真是个混蛋 - Even somebody like you. - You're an asshole. 那些想要 You know, these men that, uh, 杀我们的人 他们有模式 tried to kill us, they have patterns. 和我们俩无关的模式 Patterns that don't, uh, involve you and me.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Punisher-01-03-18.html