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奥维尔号(The Orville) 第01季 第08集 第08期

那就是我们的导航数组 That's our navigational array. 那你只能用老办法了 Well, you're just gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way. 星图 Star charts. 好极了 Oh, great. 不要迷路了 伙计 Do not get us lost, man. -都怪你我们才坠机的 -才怪 - It's your fault we crashed. - It is not. 是你把我的游戏机丢到驾驶台上的 You're the one who threw my game at the helm. 你就不应该带 Well, you shouldn't have brought it anyway. 妈妈说了你不能这样做 Mom said you couldn't! 你们的争吵太让人分心了 This conflict is highly distracting. 我们找到妈妈后 When we find Mom, 你麻烦就大了 you're gonna be in so much trouble. 你才会有麻烦 You're the one that's in trouble! 立即停止 Cease immediately. 你会被禁足 十年那么长 You're gonna be grounded for, like, ten years. 等你解禁时都变成老头了 You're gonna be an old man by the time you come out your room. 才不会呢 你是个骗子 I am not! You're a liar! 消停点行吗 别让我说第二遍 Children, cut the crap right now. 你们要是逼我再过去找你们一次 If I have to come back there one more time, I swear to God 我就要疯了 I am going to lose my mind. 什么 What? 我们的戴森粒子能量供给已耗尽 Our dysonium power supply is depleted. 我将不能使用穿梭艇的扫描器 I will not be able to use the shuttle's scanners 对芬恩医生进行大范围搜寻 to conduct a broader search for Dr. Finn, 也不能给奥维尔号发送求救信号了 nor can I send a distress signal to the Orville. 知道吗 在天体地质学的课上 You know, in astrogeology class 我学到了星系中有许多戴森量子 I learned that there's lots of dysonium in the galaxy. 很多星球上都有 Like, on lots of different planets. 或许这里也有 Maybe there's some here. 没有穿梭艇的扫描器 Without the shuttle's scanners, 我只能在邻近搜寻 I am unable to search beyond the immediate vicinity. 那试试看呗 Well... maybe just try? 我探测到外壳上有大量戴森粒子 I am detecting trace amounts of dysonium on the outer-hull.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Orville-01-08-8.html