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奥维尔号(The Orville) 第01季 第08集 第07期

救命 Help! 刚才那是什么东西 What was that thing? 显然是这星球上的生命体 Evidently, an indigenous life-form. 危险已经过去了 The danger has passed. 你们现在可以放开我了 You may release me now. 能给我个超能计量表吗 Hey, can I get a hyper-gauge? 给 Here you go. 史蒂夫 Steve? 你觉得我们能换个音乐吗 You think we could change the music? 换个不那么压抑的 Something less depressing? 你得接受熏陶 朋友 You got to get cultured, my friend. 巴瑞·曼尼洛在那个时候很怀才不遇 Barry Manilow was an underappreciated genius of his time. 那为什么我听得想跳出气闸 Then how come I want to throw myself out the airlock? 不得不说 看着你的尸体伴着这个音乐 I got to say, watching your corpse drift away 慢慢飘走肯定很平静 to this music would be so peaceful. 天哪 曼尼洛真是个天才 God, Manilow was a genius. 舰长 我们在安装新的空间歧管 Oh, Captain, we're just installing the new spatial manifold. -进展如何 -目前为止一切顺利 - How's it coming- So far, so good. -舰桥呼叫舰长 -请说 - Bridge to Captain. - Go ahead. 我们刚收到阿波罗斯主星的船坞长来电 We just got a call from the dock master at Arboreus Prime. 芬恩医生的穿梭艇没有抵达 Dr. Finn's shuttle never arrived. -你呼叫过他们吗 -不止一次 - Have you tried hailing them- More than once. -没人回应 -好吧 稍等 - No response. - All right, stand by. 她是说克莱尔失踪了吗 Did she say Claire's missing? 是的 你们还要多久搞完 Yeah. How soon can you guys be done here? 长官 我们至少还需要两天 Sir, we're still at least two days away 才能完成升级 from finishing the upgrade. 那只能延期了 Well, it's gonna have to wait. 约翰 报告舰桥 John, report to the bridge, 设定去芬恩医生失联前最后方位的路线 set a course for Dr. Finn's last known coordinates. 这可怎么办 Well, how am I supposed to do that? 看见地上那堆垃圾没 You see that pile of crap on the floor?来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Orville-01-08-7.html