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衰女翻身(The Mick) 第02季 第15集 第12期

这就是解决之道 Yes, It's the answer! 来吧 还等什么 赶紧走啊 Yeah! What are you waiting for? Come on! 爱不等人 去俘获芳心吧 Love can't wait. You get that girl. 怎么 你怎么... Wha... what are you... 叔可忍 婶不可忍了 No, no, no, no. Okay, that is it! 一次 行 Once? Sure. 两次 Twice? 有可能吧 Yeah, it is possible. 我见过鬼扯的事 I have seen some crazy things. 但三次 But three times? 三次绝对有猫腻 No. Not three times. 你当场被我抓住了 老爷子 You have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, my friend. I... 好 Okay. 规则很简单 The rules, they are simple. 如果你想让我停手 If you want me to stop, 你只要喊一声就行了 all you have to do is scream. 行 硬汉大兵哥 Okay, Mr. Tough Guy Military Man. 军队没白训练你啊 They have trained you well. 那就瞧瞧有多厉害吧 Let's find out how well. 吉米 Jimmy. 吉米 你得帮我 我被困在一个卫生间里 Jimmy, you got to help me. I'm stuck in a bathroom. 如果是女性护理问题 Well, if it's a female hygiene thing, 我该找一下你小姨 I should probably elevate this to your aunt. 不不 米琪让我去阿丽克西斯的聚餐会 No! No, Mickey told me to crash Alexis's team dinner, 结果这些女汉子们打算弄死我 and now these thunder-thighed bitches are trying to kill me! 什么 塞布丽娜 你为什么... What? Sabrina, why would you... 吉米 马上过来 Jimmy, just get your ass down here! 好 知道了 你挺住 Fine! All right, stay put. 我过去跟她们讲讲道理 I'm gonna come down there and talk some sense into 'em, 以运动员的身份 athlete to athlete. 这些孩子要把心思全放在比赛上 所以... It is very important that these girls stay focused, so any buzzwor... -吉米 -好 这就过去 - Jimmy! - Yeah, 10-4. 怎么了 你去哪儿 What's going on? Where you going? 拜你所赐 塞布丽娜要被二十个最彪悍的妹子 Well, thanks to you, Sabrina's about to get her ass smashed 活生生撕碎了 by 20 of the most elite female athletes in the world. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Mick-02-15-12.html