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衰女翻身(The Mick) 第02季 第15集 第11期

-不能 -听着 - No. - Listen. 你该给阿丽克西斯打电话 I think you got to call Alexis. 滚出我的房间 Get the hell out of my room. 你得让她听听你怎么说 She needs to hear your side. -你这么在意干什么 -我不在意 - Why do you care? - I-I don't. I don't care. 但如果你真的爱 就该全力去争取 But if you love something, you need to fight for it. 谁说爱了 Who said anything about love? 她爱你啊 Well, she loves you. -这是肯定的 -她甩了我 - That's for sure. - She dumped me. 因为她害怕了 想想吧 Because she was scared. Come on. 好好琢磨一下 Think this through. 她一整天 You know, she spends her whole day 都跟一些傻姑娘在泥地里练球 rolling around in the dirt with a bunch of meatheads, 此时 一位美丽 有内涵 聪慧的妹子 and along comes this beautiful, sophisticated, 走进她的生活 intelligent young woman. 你这么优秀 让人有负担吧 Right? That's, that's pretty intimidating, isn't it? -是吧 -是啊 - Isn't it? - Yeah. 所以这只是她保护自己不被拒绝的一种方式 So it's just, it's her natural defense mechanism kicking in. 她慌了 She panicked. -也许你说得对 但... -是吧 - I mean, yeah, maybe you're right, but... - Yup. 如果她这么爱我 她可以打给我 If she loves me so much, she can call me. 她这是考验你 She's testing you. 她想看你对她是不是真心的 She wants to see if you're the real deal. 她这是求你去哄她 I mean, it's pretty clear she's begging to be wooed. 明天比赛过后 我去找她谈谈 All right, yeah, I'll talk to her after her game tomorrow. 不不 必须今晚去 你该今晚就去 No! No. It's got to be tonight. It really should be tonight. 她今晚要和队友们一起聚餐 She's got some stupid team dinner tonight. 好好 晚餐去找她最浪漫了 Okay! Okay. What says romance more than dinner? 你懂吧 你去找她共进烛光晚餐 You know what I mean? You get down to that romantic dinner, 你主动出击 and you take it over. 打造出你们二人的专属世界 You make it about you two. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Mick-02-15-11.html