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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第07季 第18集 第01期

你信过东正教 So, Greek Orthodox, huh? 我就是有点好奇 I'm just curious. 的确信过 Yep. 信教多久 For how long? 挺久的 Long time. 你爸妈呢 Your parents? 是的 我有爸妈 Yeah, I have parents. 你爸妈信东正教吗 Were your parents Greek Orthodox? 是的 Yeah. 所以你信上帝吗 So you believe in god? 信啊 Yep. 你觉得他现在在看着我们 You believe he's watching us now? 是啊 Yeah. 所以你觉得我们这是在私通 ?So you believe this is fornication. 前两次的确是 First two were. 最后那次 我也不知道算什么 The last one-- I don't know what I would call that. 这会困扰你吗 Does it bother you? 有一点 A bit. 不 Oh, no. 我这个堕落的女人把你拖入了泥潭 This fallen woman is dragging you down. 有一点挺奇怪的 You know what's weird? 比起我女儿来 我倒不是那么在意你信教 I'm more judgmental about my daughter's christianity than yours. 为什么呢 Why is that? 我也不知道 I don't know. 你就是个小坏蛋 You're a bad person. 我不想让你觉得 跟我在一起 I don't want you to feel like you're doing wrong 是一件错事 when you're with me. 不 你就是想 Yeah, you do. ? 是啊 我想的确是 Yeah, I guess I do. 几点了 What time is it? 九点十分了 It is ten after 9:00. 估计是戴安 It's probably Diane. 是的 Yep. 早上好啊 戴安 Hey, Diane. 是的 Yes. 好的 待会儿见 Okay. I'll see you there. 要去法庭 Court? 是的 又是迪普尔的案子 Yeah. Another Dipple case. 这次是关于隐私权的 Privacy this time. 别起床 ?Don't get up. 我想在脑海里想象你在床上的样子 I want to picture you in my bed. 一整天都是 All day. 吃点糖 看看日间节目 Just eating bonbons, watching daytime tv. 祝你今天一切顺利 亲爱的 You have a nice day, dear. 这是哈姆女士的无人机所拍摄的画面吗 This is the footage taken from Ms. Hamm's drone? 是的 我是这么认为的 Yes, that's my understanding. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-07-18-1.html