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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第07季 第17集 第28期

是啊 所以她才能每天都收到十美分 Well, yes, and she deserves ten cents for every single day. 法官阁下 我能现在给吗 Your Honor, uh, can I pay now? 想给就给吧 先生 If you so wish, sir. 我...我有四十美元 I-I... I have $40. 好 Okay. 那你的广告牌 That will give you 400 more days 还能再立四百天 of your sign being up. 法官阁下 这会制造混乱的 Your Honor, this invites chaos. 不 No. 你的当事人经营着暴利的生意 Your client has a very profitable business. 她不是不想正视受害人吗 She doesn't want to look at a victim's face? 那真是太糟了 Well, that's too bad. 她想不正视都不行了 She's going to have to. 就这样 That's it. 谢谢你 Thank you. 我觉得你的办公室 Wow. I think your office 比我的还要大 has more square footage than mine. 感觉人生圆满了 I feel like I've arrived. 看得出来 把你的脚放上去 You look it. Put your feet up. 还有律师恨你吗 Are the associates still hating you? 我试试看哈 Let's see. 喂 鲍勃 Hey, Bob! 没啦 他们有过来找我玩 No, they've come around. 杰森来了 Hey, Jason's coming. 你俩还好吧 You both all right? 应该还好 I think we are. 谈过了吗 You talked? 这办公室真爽 Nice office. 谢啦 Thanks. 我们要去庆祝我的升职 你要来吗 We're gonna go celebrate my promotion. You want to come? 还是不了 看着像女生的聚会 No. It seems like a girl thing. 我们会允许你来的 We'll make an allowance. 好吧 那我也去 Okay, then, yeah. 艾丽西娅... Alicia... 凯里 Hey, Cary. 有事吗 Everything all right? 我不知道呢 I don't know. 初级律师现在就有独立办公室有点太早了吧 Pretty fast for an associate to get an office, isn't it? 卢卡很能干 Lucca's good. 就跟当时的我们一样 Seems like yesterday when we were. 我得问你... So, I have to ask... 戴安有找你谈过建立一间全是女性的律所 Did Diane approach you about making this an all-female firm, 并把我赶出去的事吗 pushing me out? 戴安吗 Did Diane? 没错 Yeah. 没 她没找我 No, she didn't. 你俩一副想回家的样子 You two look like you want to be home. 你在说笑吗 Are you kidding? 才没有 No. 我想吃薯片 I want some chips. 我去买吧 I'll get 'em. 还是不用了 No. No. 你们坐着就好 You stay. 天呐 福瑞克夫人 你这张嘴啊 Oh, my God, Mrs. Florrick, the mouth on you. 这是我最性感的部位之一 It's one of my best features. 之一而已 还不是最性感的 One of your best, not the absolute best. 这可是公众场合 We are in public. 你真是让我惊喜不断啊 You are a constant source of surprise. 我已经浪费二十年了 I wasted the last 20 years. 不能再浪费多二十年 I'm not gonna waste the next 20. 「芝加哥太阳报」头条会写道 It's on the front page of the Sun-Times. 州长夫人因 The governor's wife was arrested 猥亵一名员工而被捕 for performing a lewd act on an employee. 向警方陈述完事件经过后 他们都同意... After the act was desCRIbed, finally they all agreed... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-07-17-28.html